Fall Creek Falls State Park

Every so often I’ll catch a spontaneous ‘bug’ and want to go off somewhere with B like we used to do in the PNW. I loved our time away together and the memories we’d create, so when I can I’ll do some research and find a kid-friendly destination within my two hour driving radius. Instagram is usually my go-to when searching for local fun spots. If you just search through some hashtags and adventuring photographer’s feeds you’re bound to stumble across a number of things of interest! When it comes to hiking, I’ll usually take the next step in my research reconnaissance and google the trail or park and see what other hikers are saying about the conditions of the trails, difficulty, and whether or not it’s kid friendly. Continue reading “Fall Creek Falls State Park”

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Good-bye PNW

WARNING: This post contains wordy words and deep depth…but mostly a trip down a happy memory lane.

So, I’ve tried writing this post for a few months now. I knew it’d take me a while to formulate my thoughts on the closing of this PNW chapter we’ve written for the last 4 years. Where do I even begin? What do I say? How do I articulate the millions of thoughts popping through my head on a nearly daily basis as we close this chapter to open a whole new (and unknown) one? No, seriously…how do I? A little help here… 😉 Continue reading “Leaving on a Jet Plane, Good-bye PNW”

PNW Memory Montage

Most of my posts have obviously been about our more ‘grandiose’ efforts in the adventures we’ve had here in WA…but that’s not to say the little in between moments were any less impactful and memorable for me. For my last #8in8 I want to dedicate this post to the non-polished, non-edited, fun moments and memories (that I’ve at least captured on my cell!) Continue reading “PNW Memory Montage”

Heybrook Lookout

So the countdown continues on LtL’s #8in8 bucket list as we near the end of our time here in the PNW. In my last post I started our official countdown, which you can read more about here! There is honestly so much I would love to do before I leave in few weeks,  but sadly there isn’t enough time or the season just isn’t right. Nonetheless, y’all know I’m gonna try my best to  go out with a BANG, in true LC style. 😉💥 Continue reading “Heybrook Lookout”

Mt Rainier, Naches Loop

Oops, I.did.it.again! It’s Mt. Rainier, y’all…and a little shameless Brit song for today’s throw back Thursday for my LtL readers! #cheesefactorhigh #teamBritforlife ✊🏼🤘🏼 Recently the boys and I went to the east side of Mt Rainier. We’ve only been one other time, and let me tell y’all…the east is the BEAST (shout out to my East coast fam). Remember our hike to Sunrise Point earlier this year? It’s a bit more of a drive, but this hike proved it is well worth the extra driving efforts to make it to the other side. Like, so worth it, y’all.👌🏼 Continue reading “Mt Rainier, Naches Loop”

B & B visit the PNW

Contrary to popular belief, B&B does not, in fact, stand for bed and breakfast. Well, in this case anyway. In my world, B&B stands for Betsy and Brian. The dynamic duo that is my middle sister, Betsy, and her better half, Brian (you’re welcome, Bri). 😉

They flew out from the (B)east coast…is that a thing? I think I just made it a thing.  I may be using that one again in the future…🤔 We had a short by oh-so-sweet visit with them. We showed them some of our favorite spots here in the PNW; we hiked, we toured, and of course we ate and drank. Continue reading “B & B visit the PNW”

Brooks’ 2nd Birthday

This year Geoff and I were both lucky enough to have the ability to take B’s actual birthday off. To celebrate, we took some purposeful family time to one of our favorite spots, Lower Lewis. You might remember our recent visit there for our camp story adventures. We had to go back to what might be our last time out there, especially with a bright sunny day like this! ☀️ While the water was fa-reez-ing, the sky was clear and the sun was shining bright. I basically did a polar plunge with my feet 😬, but was so worth the lack of circulation just to be there playing in the stream. Continue reading “Brooks’ 2nd Birthday”

Grandpa and Memaw visit – Mt Rainier

It’s day 3 of our family adventures with my in-laws, which, sadly means the last day of site-seeing our way through the PNW with them. Don’t worry though! You can easily relive days one and two …over, and over, and over again. 😉 Continue reading “Grandpa and Memaw visit – Mt Rainier”