Leaves with Levi

It’s official. Brooks has his first school BFF!! 🙊👬 Y’all…just y’all…try to scroll through these pictures without some sort of sweetness coursing through yo’body. I dare you. It’s just almost all too much. From their cheesy grins to the little munchkin’s gummy mouth chewing on leaves – I honestly almost #canteven. Continue reading “Leaves with Levi”

Birthday in Chattanooga

From a busy summer to a busy fall, The Cott house has been on a roll y’all!! We’ve had so many fun visitors and outings I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to get into a real swing of blogging since moving to TN. So, while B naps I have Elf (SANTA!!) in the background and the fire lit so I can sit and get caught up on life here in middle Tennessee.

Geoff jokes and always says I like to celebrate a birthday month…don’t be ridiculous. ** It’s no more than a few weeks – tops. But there’s always next year! #goals This year for my (actual) birthday I channeled my PNW-self and set out on an impromptu visit to Chattanooga with my partner in crime. I used to frequent the adventure lane in Washington…on a random week day I’d pack a few day trip essentials and B and I would be off to visit somewhere we’d never been. I’d heard so much about the charming city of Chattanooga so off we went! Continue reading “Birthday in Chattanooga”

Mural hoppin’ in Nashville

Nashville has so many cool things about it – I mean, they don’t call it Nashvegas for nothing! Aside from the shopping, food scene, honky tonk bars and southern charm (did I mention food scene)…people love finding all the cool murals throughout downtown. And by ‘people’ I clearly mean mayyy, this girl right here. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Fun art with bright colors and designs? Sure, sign me up. Continue reading “Mural hoppin’ in Nashville”

Machine Falls Hike

It happened, our first Tennessee hike! YAY! I’ve been dying to go since moving from the Pacific Northwest, and if y’all have been following along my LtL adventures for a while y’all know I found a sweet love affair with hiking out there. You can see some of my favorites here and here. Soon after we moved here I started in on my research of places to go and see. Machine Falls came up in my new criteria of travel and hiking – less than 2 hour drive and less than 4 miles round trip. (Those 2+ hour drives and 4-6 miles hikes are long behind us, for now. 😉 Momma’s not toting that 40 lbs of active toddlering no’mo.) Continue reading “Machine Falls Hike”

Auburn vs Ole Miss

One of my favorite places on Earth, Auburn, AL. We were there a few weeks ago for the Ole Miss game and to do some networking for GameDay Sitters. B and I left that Friday morning before the game and just had the sweetest time together walking downtown and talking to Auburn fans and local shop owners. I can’t begin to describe the happiness that fills my heart being back in the South and sharing childhood places and memories with my B…hint: it’s a lot. Continue reading “Auburn vs Ole Miss”

Pumpkin Patch

What a year a difference makes…about this time last year we were galavanting around the pumpkin patches of the Pacific Northwest. Now, just one (short) year later how so many things have changed.

On a whim one day our way home from preschool I decided we would stop by this local pumpkin patch I’d seen signs for in passing. We got there right as they opened, so the VIP parking was flowing. We walked through the pre-picked pumpkins to unveil the cutest little farm. It was so dang cute y’all! A little hidden gem, tucked away down a sweet country road *emoji heart eyes. This place was a perfect spot for kids B’s age to run, see, do! There were farm animals to feed, corn mazes to explore, and tractor trains to ride. Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch”

Lemons to Love Print Shop

It’s (a)LIVE! …Y’all. I have been tirelessly working on this passion project of mine for months now and can officially have a virtual sip and see for my online ‘baby’! *huge sigh of nervous relief and cheering myself The Lemons to Love Print Shop is my new love language. This online print shop is a curated website carefully pieced together from all our adventures over the years and now made available to decorate your walls! Over the years I’ve been blessed to experience some highs and lows (both emotionally and in altitude) 😉 that I feel have brought me to this moment of sharing my printed photography. Continue reading “Lemons to Love Print Shop”

Arrington Vineyards

Last weekend was our first in a while for some free time in our new-to-us home in middle Tennessee. We’ve had such a fun and busy summer traveling and visiting with friends and family that we didn’t have much time here to explore. #noregrets And with Fall creeping upon us comes football beautiful weather and a new season in the South. I.can’t.wait! *quietly shouts to self during nap time Continue reading “Arrington Vineyards”

Happy Birthday Brooks

Today you turn 3 my dear Brooks, this is no news to me or you

You’ve brought more joy to my life than I even know what to do

Your spirit is like no other, uniquely created by our Heavenly Father

Some days seem long, but the years are short –

But even on the long days you could never be a bother Continue reading “Happy Birthday Brooks”

Auburn University – GameDay Sitters

Some of y’all may have seen my new business venture, GameDay Sitters, on Facebook or Instagram. 😄  Some of y’all may also know our love of Auburn and how deep the orange and blue runs in my family. A few weekends ago we took an overnight family trip to Auburn for a perfect mix of business and pleasure. But before I share with y’all my new ‘baby’ let me back in up to where it all began. Continue reading “Auburn University – GameDay Sitters”

Cheekwood Gardens

Mom and Dad finally made it! 🙌🏼 But first, let me back it up a bit. Back in April when Geoff and I had just moved to middle Tennessee, mom and dad had a flight out of Jax to come see us. Ya see, they’re the type of parents that will always be parents – there for you – and I’m so grateful for that part of their hearts. They’ve always done what they could, when they could, and they’ve always tried to help each of us in (all) our moves…this time was no different. Well, in theory, but Mother Nature had a different plan. Long story short, there was a terrible wave of storms that came through the South, and Atlanta being the hub of Delta all.flights.were…screwed. 😅 So, after HOURS of sitting in the Jax airport, they finally decided to call it and make a trip out another weekend. Continue reading “Cheekwood Gardens”

Visiting the Florida Caverns

For as long as I lived in Florida (hint: it’s long enough) I never even knew there were caverns to explore! And to paint more of a picture, I’ve passed them every summer since I was a little girl (no need to do the math😉) and never blinked an eye — here’s where having little ones makes life a little sweeter. 💜 Exploring has been something I’ve always loved, my mom calls it ‘plundering’, I like to call it ‘intentional exploring’. 😉 It’s like letting my ADD roam free without a care in the world…*something shiny✨ Continue reading “Visiting the Florida Caverns”