Practicing Self Love At Every Age

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that confidence is not age specific. Some acquire this great life skill at an early age, while others gain self love with age and experiences. Personally, I would say I fit into the latter of the two. What does practicing self love at every age look like? What does it feel like? And how does one go about even doing that. The simplest of answers is, you just choose to. You choose to show yourself kindness, love, grace, but most of all, you choose you.

Recently I had a very sweet and emotional moment with Brooks. It was unlike any moment I’d had with him yet as a mom. It shook me to my core a bit. I wanted to scoop him in my arms and never let go. We never grow out of needing that kind of love. The kind were we just want to be scooped up and told everything’s ok. But with that need for love comes a personal responsibility of self love and inner confidence to know we are worth every bit of that love and more.

Practicing Self Love At Every Age

Practicing Self Love At Every Age

A Best Friend Lens

Some people would argue that a lifestyle of regularly posting on social media is one motivated by insecurities and vanity. And while this can be true with some, I see a different side of social media. I see young men and women pushing through their insecurities to spread body positive messages, self love inspiration and a new found confidence to share with their followers. Personally speaking, there areย many times I am secretly so critical of myself that I typically wouldn’t post 80% of the photos I currently have on my Instagram feed, but I do it anyway. And let me tell you why…

Instead of listening to the little lies I’ve believed in the past, I put on my ‘best friend’ glasses. You know the ones, the voice of your best friend OR the voice to your best friend where you only see the beauty in them. I’m working on wearing those lens’ more often. Just recently I posted a photo of myself in shorts – SHORTS! For those who know me, you know my legs have been my least favorite part of my body for far,ย far too long. Over the last few years I’ve sometimes forced my mind to get over myself and just do the damn thing. Show. my. legs.

It’s been freeing in so many ways I never could’ve imagined. ย The more I’ve done it, the more I’ve seen a shift in my perspective about myself. I’ve given myself more love, more grace and less criticism. Today I encourage you to do the same. Comparison is the thief of joy – so start practicing your self love and give yourself the grace and confidence you so deserve. For similar posts on self love, faith and days you need uplifting words click here, here and here.

Thank you so much for reading, following, and supporting! What are some self love wins you’ve experienced? I’d love to hear them…share the love and leave a comment below with your recent self love story!

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