Simple Isn’t Simple At All

Simplify. This word keeps grabbing my attention lately at every siting or conversation. I feel as though it is a task God is asking me to complete, but I quickly brush it off as a coincidence or ‘something I’ll get to later.’ What does it even mean? How much more could I possibly simplify my days here? After all, I’m not working right now and I fill my days with the activities of my choosing, whether leisure or active, which all sounds pretty simplistic to me. But I guess the word ‘simple’ can be a subjective term, do you agree? By definition the word simple is easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth of how I’m feeling on the inside. It seems as though I’m trying to convey a simple schedule of life while in reality I’m clouded with anything but. If I’m honest, my mind if filled with too many thoughts, to dos, and plans of the future. All of which are out of my control, and yet, I try to control by thinking/planning more. *sigh* #letitgo

So today, I’m taking a step back to simplify. If not anything but my thoughts, so I’ve sat in prayer this Sunday morning and asked God to take that which I cannot control and guide me through the rest. Better yet, I’m letting go of the reigns and letting God do what He does best…lead me to the greenest of pastures. Can I getta #Jesustakethewheel moment?!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I’m still behind on posting our Florida adventures 🙊(oops) and will get to them, soonish? 🤔😉Ha! But seriously, I will get to them when I get back from my trip to (it’s a secret) with Geoff. 🛩 Eek! So excited! We’re meeting up at our new and next chapter in the Cott chapters of life. I’ve never been there before and I’m so so excited to explore, house hunt, and imagine what our new season will be like, oh and not to mention just have some good ol’ QT with my #1 fella. 💘 Here’s to making the conscious efforts in letting go and simplifying, because after all, simple just simply isn’t simple at all.

Here are a few simple, in-between moments with my adventurous little B. I love his spirit and being his momma. ❤️

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Happy Sunday friends!


Lemons to Love,



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