Things I’m Loving: Home Edition

While I love having every post smothered and covered with a visual library of photos,  I thought I’d add some easy breeziness to LtL and have some more simple, day-to-day posts on the blog for y’all. My vision with ‘Things I’m Loving” is to share with y’all what’s going on with me, my family, and the things I’ve found that I love that make my life a little easier. Over the last few months I’ve found so many goodies for the home, so what better way to start ‘Things I’m Loving” than with a Home Edition.Personally, I LOVE reading what other women out there are finding to help make their life a little easier, a little more organized, and a little more ‘youthful’. Whatever the tricks or treats are I want in and I want to share them here with you! I’ve really enjoyed blogging over the last 7 years as a creative outlet to share our adventures and some insight into more vulnerable moments in our life…that is, in fact, how Lemons to Love was born. “When life hands you lemons, turn into something you love.” But I’ve also really enjoyed a shift here on LtL and Instagram where I share things I’m loving: from new products, gadgets, services, style or decor. I’m always trying to evolve as a person, so why wouldn’t the blog evolve with me?

Sometimes a product or favorite isn’t big enough to share a whole blog post on. Instead “Things I’m Loving” will be dedicated for just those items that may be smaller, but pack a punch of life’s little pleasures. ☺️

Things I’ve Loving: Home Edition

Our new home (duh)

Things I'm Loving: Home Edition

Sweater (similar here) // Boots // Jeans

Just kidding, y’all know I’ve already shared a blog post on our new home here! But, I have made a few additions to our front porch and wanted to share the progress! I’m still wanting to get a (potted) Calamondin Orange tree and some potted perennials out there, but I’m loving how it’s looking so far. Do y’all have any suggestions?

Things I'm Loving: Home EditionThings I'm Loving: Home Edition

Plant basket // Rug // Bench // Garden Stool (similar) // Outdoor lanterns (here and here) // Pillow (similar)

New couch

Things I'm Loving: Home Edition

Laptop case // Notebook // (FAV) Pen // Laptop table

I’m obsessed with our new couch from Rove Concepts. I’ve always wanted a jewel toned luxe-velvety couch and in 2019 my crushed velvet creams came true. I originally saw the couch on Pinterest and followed the links which lead me to this blog. I’m still waiting on our coffee table to come in and would like to create a bit more warmth with some throw pillows. I love seeing each space in the house come together with it’s own individual personality. 😍

New entryway bench

Things I'm Loving: Home Edition

Basket // Pillow // Books // Bench // Mirror

I did my research and had some help with a poll I did on Instagram and found a winner for this entryway benchIt was so fun having y’alls input on helping me pick this out! I love how it came together in the space and can’t wait to see it come evolve more into a livable space. My favorite part of home decorating is curating the space to fill ‘seasoned and lived in’. My least favorite part is waiting on curating a space to make it feel ‘seasoned and lived in’. 🤪

Kitchen organizations

Things I'm Loving: Home EditionThings I'm Loving: Home Edition

Large storage bins // Spice rack // Cereal storage // Pasta storage // S,M,L storage // Candy storage // Spice organizer

I don’t know how the girls at The Home Edit do it. After ordering multiple bins on Amazon and making a number of trips to The Container Store, I have a whole new appreciation for their services and color-coded skills. When I made my very first trip to The Container Store a few months ago I was in organizational heaven. For a Type B personality, I really do love me some organization throughout the home…it makes me feel so productive. If you’ve never been to The Container Store, you’re seriously missing out. There’s nothing else like it. I have a whole blog post coming up dedicated to my first trip and all the goodies I found to make my life more functional.

Master bathroom makeup organization

Things I'm Loving: Home EditionThings I'm Loving: Home EditionThings I'm Loving: Home Edition

FAV makeup travel case // Large makeup storage // Medium makeup storage // Acrylic makeup drawers // Brush organizer // Jewelry dish (also here and here) // FAV cheap brushes (also here and here) // Facial mist // FAV shampoo & cond’r for these curls

I’ve loved having these in our bathroom. It’s so nice having my everyday makeup and beauty products easily accessible and my ‘occasional’ products tucked away hidden below. The mDesign acrylic makeup organizers have been awesome! Both sizes are from this brand and I’ve loved their quality and function. If I had to choose one to go with I would definitely just go with the XL one. I found that the medium size I outgrew very quickly. Guess the ‘go big or go home’ applies to makeup organizers too. 💁🏼

Thanks so much for reading y’all! If you have any questions or favorite organizing tips, share them below!

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