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It’s (a)LIVE! …Y’all. I have been tirelessly working on this passion project of mine for months now and can officially have a virtual sip and see for my online ‘baby’! *huge sigh of nervous relief and cheering myself The Lemons to Love Print Shop is my new love language. This online print shop is a curated website carefully pieced together from all our adventures over the years and now made available to decorate your walls! Over the years I’ve been blessed to experience some highs and lows (both emotionally and in altitude) 😉 that I feel have brought me to this moment of sharing my printed photography.

Each print is only $15 and there’s no hassle of shipping. Once purchased, a link is sent directly to your inbox where you can download the file and print in any size, framing, or style your creative heart desires! I wanted to give creative freedom to the eye of the beholder and carryout the vision you see in the print.

So, without further ado, may I now introduce you to my new love – Lemons to Love Print Shop. 🙂 I’ll be adding new prints, having sales and blogging about printing and framing tips – so don’t forget to sign up to receive the newsletter when you visit the shop! PLUS you get a nice little BOGO coupon to use on your next purchase. 😉

Here are a few of the prints available now in the shop…and stay tuned for more prints in the FALL collection! After all, today is the first official day of my very favorite season! 🍂🍁

Happy printing, y’all!

Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

Thank you LtL readers for your continued love and support!! Head on over to the shop and let me know your favorites or what you’d like to see more of in the comments below!

Happy Friday! ❤

Lemons to Love,



John S Pedestrian Bridge

My sister and her family came to visit us not too long ago and it felt sooo nice to host them in our new home. Y’all know I’m #emo on so many things and having extra time with my sis and her fam was nothing short of it. It was heart-warming to see the cousins playing with each other, laughing, and even a little squabbling – or the equivalent to that between a 3 and 4 year old. 😉

One day we all met up with my bro-in-laws family (who also live here) and chowed down at Hattie B’s. #yesplease 🔥🍽 After lunch the rest of the gang went to explore the zoo, while we chose to go the more ‘non committal before nap time’ route and drove to the John S Pedestrian bridge to walk a bit before we needed to head home.

I love some of these moments captured so much The connection B has with each of us feels so special and unique, and I love freezing time to remember these snapshots forever.❤️

Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootIMG_5533IMG_5615IMG_5660IMG_5701Aug 2016 shootIMG_5717Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

I hope y’all have enjoyed our adventures so far (and me finally playing catch up on my blogging!) There’s still more to come, so stay tuned! Have a great week, y’all!

Lemons to Love,



Lake Life – we’re back in the South!

As if y’all didn’t already know, yessss, we are back in the SOUTH! Which means…more trips to the lake, Auburn, home, friends, family (to name a few). And speaking of Auburn, we just got back from a little trip down there this weekend! Aaah!! I love that place more than I can express and I can’t wait to share with y’all what we were up to.  🙊 A classic mix of business and pleasure, just what the doctor ordered.

This summer has been so busy with fun visitors and relaxing trips to the lake. We kicked off the summer right by heading straight to the lake for Memorial Day weekend, when in reality turned into a week for me. 😎

I promise I won’t be sharing EVERY visit to the lake, because that might become redundant for most of you. But I will make the exception this summer since it’s a first in a while, and more importantly B’s first ever! 😉

Now, let the boating, eating, (boozing), swimming, relaxing, sunning commence…happy summer y’all!


Thanks so much for reading! What are some of y’alls favorite summer trips or traditions? Share below in the comments.

Lemons to Love,


Lucky Ladd Farm

What’s better than tractors, excavators, dump trucks, and a whole lot of dirt? Well, to B I can tell ya not much! Right after we moved to middle Tennessee my boys and I went to this (kinda huge) farm not too far from us. It’s just taken me a while to share it with y’all!

Getting caught up on all we’ve done this summer has been quite the photo editing and writing challenge! Moving back to the South and closer to our friends and family comes with more weekend trips and visits, but that also means I’M TOTALLY BEHIND ON BLOGGING! Not to mention, I’ve been working on a few side projects for a while now and those have taken mental priority. (Sorry LtL)🙈 I’ll soon be sharing my exciting business ventures here with y’all, but until then let’s have fun exploring our new home in TN!

This place Lucky Ladd Farm, was adorable and basically mecca for Brooks. The kids were able to explore a number of different farm and construction vehicles temporarily donated to this farm just for this event. And when there’s not a special event going on, there’s a whole other part with animals to pet, a vegetable garden to pick through, and rides to ride! I think I might’ve had just about as much fun as B…🤷🏼‍♀️

Just look at these pics…can you just feel his excitement (and concentration) surrounded by so many things he loves! Oh and these were all taken with my iPhone 🔋 My camera battery died basically as soon as we got there – rookie move on my part not checking the battery before we left!

Anyway, enjoy! 😄


I can’t wait to explore more with B and capture new memories here in Tennessee. Thanks for reading y’all!

Lemons to Love,


*Any readers from Nashville? We’d love any recs y’all have, family friendly or date night friendly! Thanks in advance! 😊

Washington Oaks Park

This beach y’all…this BEACH! I’m going to be honest here and say that I wish I could just post this outing over and over…and over again. I mean, I took hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pictures and uh, wish I could post them all on this post!

I think it’s safe to say this is hands down one of my favorite days with Brooks. The pictures that captured the joy from the day and the genuinely fun time we had marks this one in the top memories for me. This beach is such a gorgeous hidden gym I have N E V E R heard of until recently. It’s really amazing what you can find in your area with a simple Google search. This particular outing was suggested by a friend from church, but I remember reading about it when searching ‘places to visit/photograph.’ #themoreyouknow 💫

This day was so special to me. It reminded me of my very first solo hike with B and how those moments and memories are just for us. I love sharing these sweet memories with my little nugget. Aside from his *cough* rare toddlering moments 😉, he brings so much joy to my life. I love exploring the world through his innocence and purity, it’s a real gift I pray to be more mindful of everyday.  And the adventures won’t stop! Did y’all catch my recent post of our FUN announcement?? It’s official, we’re movin’ to Nashville!! I am so so exciteddd! I don’t know when…and I don’t know where, but the adventures will be comin’ to LtL. I’m just trying to keep my eyes and heart open to new possibilities our next chapter will bring. 🙏🏼

As for now…I’ll continue soaking in special days like these. For my friends in Florida, y’all have GOT to go here (kids or not). It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to spend some time.

Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

Thanks so much for reading y’all! Happy Friday-eve!

Lemons to Love,


Tallahassee Time

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I never did that!” I used to hear that often from people back in the PNW about a place I visited or an adventure we’d just gone on. Well, there’s #nojudgement over here y’all because I grew up in Florida and never went to my own state’s capital. 😯 Maybe that’s less shocking to some, but Tallahassee also houses one of the state’s top ACC school’s, FSU, where some might assume I would’ve visited for that reason alone. But when I was in college application mode there was only one place I wanted to go and one place I applied, Auburn University.#wde But that’s neither here nor there for this blog post *insert SEC football season 2017 is so close I can smell it*. 🙌🏼🏈🐅

My sister and her family moved to Tallahassee no too long ago, so I knew I had to make one of my Florida outings to visit and explore there with her. After a girls’ night away in Fernandina, we headed there together with B in tote, ready to make the most out of the few days we had. I love the energy of someone new to an area, and my sis was just the right candidate. 😊She was all geared up in between her mom duties to hit the parks and ‘cool things to see’ in her newish city of residency.

We explored the gardens at Maclay and visited an old oak in Thomasville, GA. This oak is so old, *how old is it?* well, it’s like 330+ years old, old. I took so many sweet cousin pics mixed with huge mossy oaks struck with late afternoon light…it was hard to only choose a few!

Tallahassee was really beautiful, and here is the highlight reel…

Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

Haha this picture cracks me up! Poor Hayes…he was such a good sport. All B wanted to do was hang on and wrestle with his cousin. I remember the feeling of thinking all my older siblings and family members were so cool and all I wanted to do was hang with them. ❤Aug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

That’s all for now! My adventures are slowing down a bit these last few months. I’ve really just been enjoying the in-between moments with my family and friends here in Florida. I have a few more adventures to share…oh, and how could I forget?! 😉 ONE BIG ADVENTURE ahead!

It’s official! Our family is moving to…Music City itself, Tennessee! We’ll be in one of the charming suburbs just south of Nashville and we really could not be more excited! I can’t wait to share more with y’all! If y’all have anyyyy suggestions of places to visit or things y’all want to see here on LtL, please share below! I love a good adventure bucket list to cross off. 😉

Since my posts aren’t as frequent right now, come find me on Instagram and follow along on our day-to-day adventures in Florida! Click the link to follow and come say Hi!

Wishing everyone a fun weekend of adventures!

Lemons to Love,


Simple just simply isn’t…

Simplify. This word keeps grabbing my attention lately at every siting or conversation. I feel as though it is a task God is asking me to complete, but I quickly brush it off as a coincidence or ‘something I’ll get to later.’ What does it even mean? How much more could I possibly simplify my days here? After all, I’m not working right now and I fill my days with the activities of my choosing, whether leisure or active, which all sounds pretty simplistic to me. But I guess the word ‘simple’ can be a subjective term, do you agree? By definition the word simple is easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth of how I’m feeling on the inside. It seems as though I’m trying to convey a simple schedule of life while in reality I’m clouded with anything but. If I’m honest, my mind if filled with too many thoughts, to dos, and plans of the future. All of which are out of my control, and yet, I try to control by thinking/planning more. *sigh* #letitgo

So today, I’m taking a step back to simplify. If not anything but my thoughts, so I’ve sat in prayer this Sunday morning and asked God to take that which I cannot control and guide me through the rest. Better yet, I’m letting go of the reigns and letting God do what He does best…lead me to the greenest of pastures. Can I getta #Jesustakethewheel moment?!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I’m still behind on posting our Florida adventures 🙊(oops) and will get to them, soonish? 🤔😉Ha! But seriously, I will get to them when I get back from my trip to (it’s a secret) with Geoff. 🛩 Eek! So excited! We’re meeting up at our new and next chapter in the Cott chapters of life. I’ve never been there before and I’m so so excited to explore, house hunt, and imagine what our new season will be like, oh and not to mention just have some good ol’ QT with my #1 fella. 💘 Here’s to making the conscious efforts in letting go and simplifying, because after all, simple just simply isn’t simple at all.

Here are a few simple, in-between moments with my adventurous little B. I love his spirit and being his momma.

Simple.as.that. ❤️

Aug 2016 shootfullsizerender-4fullsizerenderfullsizerender-2

Happy Sunday friends!


Lemons to Love,