Family Friendly Nashville: Natchez Trace and Leiper’s Fork

Finding local day trips to take with Brooks make the days that end with Y a little sweeter. You’d be surprised, no matter where you live, the amount of fun day trips you can take! It’s an easy way to change things up and make new memories by yourself or with those you love. For this family friendly day trip, Brooks and I headed to Natchez Trace and Leiper’s Fork to explore and make some more Tennessee memories.

I typically plan these type of trips pretty last minute, like the night before. If I know I have the flexibility on a weekday between his school and my work schedule I try to cross off anything I can from our Tennessee bucket list. ย The morning before we head out I’ll pack a lunch, a few snacks and head off to our destination. I will do a small bit of research of our destination just for preparation and safety reasons, but otherwise I go with the flow with whatever our day trip might bring.

Natchez Trace Bridge

Natchez Trace and Leiper's Fork

Natchez Trace and Leiper's ForkNatchez Trace and Leiper's ForkNatchez Trace and Leiper's Fork

Natchez Trace and Leiper's Fork

Leiper’s Fork

For this day trip I actually only planned to head to Natchez Trace and the views from the Natchez Trace Bridge. On the way out there I realized we passed the charming town of Leiper’s Fork that I’d been wanting to visit. So on our way back from the bridge we stopped by the town to walk around, visit their antique shops and local venders. The first store we stopped in, Brooks went straight for the vintage trains. It was so sweet to see his little face light up, he loves trains so dang much!

Natchez Trace and Leiper's Fork

Natchez Trace and Leiper's Fork


Natchez Trace and Leiper's ForkNatchez Trace and Leiper's Fork

We ended our Leiper’s Fork adventure with an ever greater adventure when I accidentally locked my keys, my purse…and Brooks in my car. ๐Ÿ˜ณย Thankfully there were some kind strangers and the Sheriff’s department close by to help me (quickly) gain access back to my car and sweet nugget. #parentfail It was a day trip bonus for B though, when he got to watch a police officer and fire rescue wedge open mommy’s door for 15 minutes. Has anyone else ever done this?! Please say yes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks so much for reading! For more kid friendly day trip adventures check out this post and this post!

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