LtL Photography Nashville: Rainy Editorial Night Shoot

Sometimes you don’t get to pick the weather for a photo shoot and you just have to roll with it. So what do you do when you’re forced to shoot indoors on a planned outdoor shoot? You grab your flash and get creative with a rainy editorial night shoot indoors. On this particular shoot, the date had been planned for months since the client was in from out of town and we had one night and one night only to shoot. The plan was for a fun lifestyle shoot for the client’s 30th birthday and her 13 other friends in town to help celebrate. Since the weather wasn’t participating, we got creative and had an indoor rainy editorial night shoot with a flash, a dry garage and a more-than-willing client!

A Rainy Birthday Editorial Night Shoot

On this particular night there was a monsoon of rain heading right towards Nashville. We’d originally planned for a ‘fuller than life’ type shoot right off Broadway in downtown Nashville. I envisioned the perfect golden light beaming down with bright neon signs adding the perfect street style ambiance we were going for.

Shooting with flash can be tricky, but with the right look and a trusting client it can really come together so well. With a little practice, I’ve come to love using my flash for certain locations and moods I’m trying to set. Photography really is visual journalism that tells a story for the viewers in ways words can’t. I love that aspect of photography so much. It’s all in the eye of the photographer and what story you want to tell through visual art.

Ashley was such a fun client to work with because she was really up for anything I threw at her and trusted my vision with the quick change of plans and location. Since it was pouring down rain outside, I grabbed my flash and we shot a more ‘party’ vibe lifestyle shoot in the AirBnb they were staying in. Then I had the idea to head to the garage where there was an even more editorial mood with the concrete floors and bare walls! I absolutely love the ‘about last night – if these walls could talk’ scene this sets. What’s the story you get from this shoot?

Rainy Editorial Night ShootRainy Editorial Night ShootRainy Editorial Night ShootRainy Editorial Night Shoot

Rainy Editorial Night ShootRainy Editorial Night Shoot

I really loved how these came out and loved even more meeting Ashley and her friends! They were so sweet and welcoming into their big group of long-time friends. I’m always so honored when people ask me to be a part of special milestones in their life, it really means a lot.

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