7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas

(Not a) NEWS FLASH : Social media isn’t going anywhere. I remember when Facebook was so new you still needed an actual college email just to sign up! Now with over 2 billion active monthly users I think it’s easy to say the idea of instantly sharing through pretty, creative and inspirational photos isn’t going anywhere. What’s even better is the personal and professional use you can utilize from Facebook and Instagram – and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to get eye-catching content. Today on LtL I’m sharing with y’all 7 easy and inexpensive flatlay background ideas to make your feed stand out from the rest.

Flatlay Favorites:

As a photographer I LOVE flatlays. It’s one of the easiest ways to add quality content for your brand, and I love using them on my Instagram feed. It’s a fairly simple and stylish way to promote a product, have fun with an outfit of the day #ootd post or just be creative with some of your favorite products you want to highlight to your readers. Below are a 7 easy and inexpensive ways to style your own flatlay to make your brand pop out and add your own personal style to your feed.

7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas


Trays and cake stands: These are another great option for flatlay dimension and I always love being able to use something from around the house or buying something that has duel purpose.

Blankets, throws and towels: I’ve used large white or cream throws when I need a larger surface area to shoot a flatlay on. I’ve even seen some bloggers use their rugs with minimal design on them as a backdrop. You don’t want it to be too busy, however, and prevent the actual content from standing out in the photo. Here are a few I like: this one and this one.

Cutting boards: Different wood grains, materials and stain on cutting boards can be great for flatlays. They’re inexpensive and you can usually find them already in your home!

Baking sheet: You’d be surprised but baking sheets are wonderful accessories for backdrop or layering in flatlays (as seen above as the backdrop to the cocktail photo). It adds a nice warmth and darker mood depending on the type of shot you are going for.

Kitchen towels: Soft designs and textures can be a great addition to a flatlay for dimension and color in a flatlay, especially food related. I usually find cute, inexpensive towels like these Opal House for Target, HomesGood or Amazon. These Muslin tea towels are some of my favorites for photos.

Construction paper, cardboard, tissue paper: With varying textures and colors, any of these options work wonders for backdrop and layering. Even a brown paper bag is great for shots! Crinkle it up a bit and you instantly have a nice textured layer to your photo.

Contact paper: There are so many options for this! I’ve been using this contact paper from Amazon and really love it! All you do is attach it to a thick cardboard or presentation board and you instantly have a ‘marbled couture’ top you see a lot of the top influencers and bloggers use for their bright and eye-catching photos.


7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas

7 Easy and Inexpensive Flatlay Background Ideas

You might notice a lot of my flatlays have repeating elements throughout. I like to use what I already have lying around the house and keep the palate clean and simple. When choosing your product to highlight in the flatlay try keeping in mind other elements you can add that keep a cohesive tone and mood to the photo. When in doubt keep it simple and in the rule of threes for objects, nicknacks and object placement.

I hope these tips and product ideas give you some direction and inspiration for your next flatlay!  If you have any questions or additional tips, drop me a line below! And if you use one of the above suggestions for inspiration of your own I’d love to see them! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @ lindsaygcottrill!

Have a great day friends!

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