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Ok, so quick question…WHERE DID FEBRUARY GO?! Not asking for a friend, like I’m just sitting here actually wondering, where did it go? How is tomorrow already March? Let me know when you come up with some answers ;)…

With March being the month of spring I’m so excited to bring some new floral prints to the LtL Print Shop! I’ve been holding onto these beauties for a while in anticipation of the spring season beginning…but first I’ve got to make some room! And that’s where this 24 hour FLASH SALE begins!

I’ve selected ten prints for this Spring flash sale and then they will head into retirement. It might be more of a Mike Fisher type of retirement 😉 (heyyy Smashville peeps, shout out to the die-hards, considering I’m a Preds newbie)! Regardless of their retirement decision (we don’t judge here) they will be unavailable in the shop after today.

Prints are just $7, that’s more than 50% off per print! Enter code LTLSPRINGSALE at checkout

Here is a sneak peek of what’s on sale in the shop, click HERE to head straight there!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can contact me directly at or find me on Instagram and Facebook @ lemonstoloveprintshop

Happy printing!


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