Wallabies are on Wednesdays

So, a few weeks ago I was transported to Austria — see this post — and last week I was transported to Australia! Who knew Washington was so international in their travels?? But seriously y’all…B and I got to feed and pet some kangaroos! A girlfriend of mine here had the idea so we packed up the kiddos and drove way north to this quaint little kangaroo farm. We toured the sites, fed the ‘roos, and kissed a llama. Not a bad little Wednesday morning, but… I’m not itchin’ to go back anytime soon, or ever. 🙂 Ha! I mean it was cute and fun for the experience but probably better for someone who lives less than an hour away for a 20 minute tour with wallabies, cows, a mini horse, and some peacocks…just keepin’ it real, y’all, just keepin’ it real.

Anyway! It was such a fun day with ma girl Rach and her beautiful brown children. After the downunda’ tour we headed south to Alki Beach for some tasty Hawaiian treats and some of the best city views Seattle has ever seen! You may remember the views from this old school post from pre Baby B! I’ve heard about this Hawaiian restaurant/food truck from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and it did not disappoint! I got the spicy pork tacos — just let the pic speak for themselves, mmkay?!




















Thanks for reading our downunda’ wallaby Wednesday post! 😉

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