Our hike up Mt. Rainier

Hi friends! As you may know, I’ve caught the outdoor bug this past summer here in Washington and with our warm sunny days nearing an end I want to do all.things.outdoorsy!! Since Geoff has been back from his training we’re all about taking our only day off together on Sunday as our standing family day and crossing some hiking and waterfalling off our list.

This past weekend we planned a day hike over on one of Mt Rainier’s many trails — specific to my requirements of low mileage and elevation gains, of course. (see my first and worst hiking experience HERE!) We packed up some lunch, water, hiking goodiesย and were on our way! It took us a little longer to get up there, apparently everybody else thought it was a great day for a hike, so we just rolled with it and adjusted our plans aย bit.

It was such a beauuutiful hike! I felt like I had transported to another country and had me all “The hillllls are alive…”ย while twirlingย around aimlessly! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish we had more time toย do the 6 mile loop, but our few miles were just perfect for the our little family outing. and B…that kiddo loves himself some water!! The streams running off the waterfalls were fa-reez-ing but he didn’t seem to mind a bit. ย It’s the cutest thing when he first sees water! He starts flapping his little chubby arms like a bird and squealing in his high pitched lil voice…it’s seriously the cutest.















I spy a sweet lil fishy mouth <3 GoPros seriously take the coolest pics.



Hiking can be so exhausting for little passengers.



The end. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanksย for reading about our Sunday Funday…family style! Hope y’all are enjoying your summer as much as we are!

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