Motivation Monday 11.17.14

Guilty, guilty, guilty as charged! When I read today’s Motivation Monday I thought about all the things in my life I almost didn’t do because I was fearful of making a mistake. Changing my major focus again? What if I make a mistake and choose the wrong path? What if I show my vulnerabilities, will this make me look weak? What if I give him my heart, will he break it?

Some of my major life decisions I almost didn’t make based on the thought of ‘what if I make a mistake’. Case in point, my relationship with one of the most important people in my life, Geoff. I was so afraid of letting go and really giving him my heart I almost missed out on one of God’s greatest gifts. Instead, I let go of my fears and let him into my life, my weaknesses, my heart.

Another fear of mine are the choices I’ve made in my career path. I’ve changed my college major about 72 times (ok, slight exaggeration) each time hoping I’m one step closer to a job I can really love doing. I may not have always made the right change to the ‘perfect’ job, but I’m glad I didn’t stay put just out of fear because I learned something about myself with each change.

It may have taken me a ‘few’ years, but since I’ve started my college career I’ve worked hard on two Bachelor degrees making me one step closer to something I’ll love doing. I’ve always known I wanted to be a contributor to my family’s income, but I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing to provide that. While I figure out what that looks like for our life, I’m learning to let go a little more and stop fearing my potential bad decisions.  If anything, they’ll lead me one step closer to the right one.

When I look back at these moments in my life I’m so thankful for God’s purpose and those in my life who helped me see it. I hope today’s post was exactly what you needed to let go of the notion that you might make a mistake, and take that leap of faith by giving your future the potential it deserves.

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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