Motivation Monday 1.13.14

Is it really already 2o14? No wait, is it really mid-way through January of 2o14?? Well, I have always been notorious for showing up a little late to the party! So, in keeping with tradition..Happy (belated) New Year y’all!! And what better way to kick start a Motivational Monday post in 2o14 than with a motivational blogger and dear friend Lisa over at No Limits Lisa!? Aside from the obvious swag this girl possesses from her 90s rap montage in her blog title, she’s also motivating readers through her easy-to-read posts on ‘fearlessly trying, failing and achieving’ goals she’s always wanted to do.  It may sound like your typical New Year’s resolution list, but I can assure you it is more than that.  What I love about Lisa’s list of fearlessly friendly commitments to herself is her ability to put it all out there and take us along for the ride.

We’ve all been there making lists, goals, and dreams we want to accomplish in our lifetime, but it’s always reassuring and inspiring to have someone we can relate to to share those fears and passions we all wish to conquer over time.

So as Lisa takes us through her journey I hope it will motivate you too to write down your list of goals (no matter how unrealistic they may seem) and get to livin’ life! “Only those things that we do not try become what is unrealistic in our mind.” (yeah, that one’s by me…off the top of my dome. Whaaaa?!)

Go check out Lisa’s blog, she’s brand new to the blogging game, so leave her some love and share with us some of your goals.

As always thanks for reading and have a very Happy 2o14 Monday!

**A quick side note for you readers, to continue the theme of a Happy NEW Year I’ll be adding some newness to the blog in the upcoming weeks! (hints: new meal plan, new blog look, and new furniture redesign projects!) Some much newness I can barely stand it! Check back in with me later this week…see you then!

Lemons to Love,




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