The Midas Touch- Bedside Table

Hey y’all! You ready for another furniture project with the Midas touch series?! Well, let’s go then. This little bedside table was cozied up to our bed for a while, and that’s before it was refinished! yechk. Poor Geoff got the unfinished end of the stick. *sadface* Let’s be honest, like he cared, which is probably why I put it on his side (whoops!). I finally got tired of looking at this piece of work and decided it was about that time to do something about it.  I originally intended to get a lil’ funky with this piece when I first spotted it at an estate sale a while back, and like the old saying goes, stick with your gut.

The supplies I used for this project are: Zinsser 1,2,3 Primer (awesome), Valspar paint in Black (apparently there’s no creative substitution for that:), Minwax Wood Filler, sanding sheets with 220 grit, Valspar spray paint in Brilliant Gold, and Minwax Polyurethane spray (not recommended for this project…it changed the finish of the gold spray paint, rookie mistake!)

This table needed some work and elbow grease to get it shining like new again.  She had a few dings and scratches that needed some filling in with wood filler. So after a few goes at sanding, allowing the wood filler to dry, I sanded some more.

(Cute puppy helper not included)

After the sanding came the priming. For smaller projects like this I’ve found the Zinsser primer works really well as a spray paint! The best I’ve used actually.

Then came the fun part, putting on the paint! I really wanted a romantic glam finish so I went with a high gloss black paint and metallic gold spray paint. This part was the easiest *thanks to my sweet n’ handy Wagner paint sprayer! I allowed a few hours of dry time before ‘bagging and taping’ for the Midas touch of this project. In the mean time I spray painted the original hardware gold to really make a statement against the black paint.

Here’s the ‘bagging and taping’ process for that black magic to happen after the Gold has been sprayed!

and voila! a romantic glam bedside table…all dressed up and no where to go.
I really like how the original handles sprayed in gold came out against the glossy black finish! I also decided to paint one side of the pullout tray black and the other side gold…because you never know what kind of mood you might be in to style your room! 🙂

This piece is currently for sale! I’m looking into FedEx shipping to broaden my buyers’ market if you know anyone who’s interested! 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and sharing with me on my pursuit of DIY design!

Lemons to Love,
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4 thoughts on “The Midas Touch- Bedside Table

  1. Well, that might just be my 'great excuse' to come out there and visit then! No pond's too big to travel abroad 🙂
    You're so sweet…thanks for your comment!

  2. I agree Adam! I'm working on a vintage dresser that might just be a great 'bedroom buddy' for this side table! I'll be posting pics soon. Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

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