The Midas Touch – Side Table

I’ve had two pieces staring at me for months waiting for some TLC and R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so I finally decided to give ’em what they want…some refurbishing and repainting 101. and now that I have my sweet lil side kick Wagner Flexio 590, I’m wondering what took me so long?

The first project I tackled was a side table I scored at a local thrift store for only $10! We were using a small (& short!) ottoman next to the couch to house our pear shaped lamp.  Every time one of the boys would excitedly whip their tail around anywhere near that area my heart skipped a beat. (well, partly for their cuteness and partly because I really like the lamp) So when I stumbled upon this little side table I thought it’d be a perfect solution to my vertically challenged problem.

Here she is…

The piece was in great shape, so there wasn’t any need for sanding. So I just slapped on a coat of primer and spray paint. This project was so easy and only took a total of 1 hour, including dry time.

I chose Valspar Tropical Foliage for the color. I was looking for a color to pop against our gray couch and bring out some of the green tones in our throw pillows.  I also used this color on a ‘serving tray’ project I’m finishing up.

Primed, painted, and photographed. I really loved the claw feet this piece already possessed, so to highlight them I painted each one with Folk Art in Metallic Gold. It took a couple of coats to give it the pizzaz I was looking for and I really like how they came out!

Look at those sweet, sweet linoleum floors … y’all don’t know even know what you’re missin’ out on. (The joys of an on-post rental, thats what) 😉
I was impressed with the clean even coat the spray paint left! If y’all have ever worked with spray paint before, I find it can sometimes be a little moody with it’s finishes.

Ahh, the lamp can now confidently cast light with no tail-wagging worries…
I’m thinking either the table is a tad too small or the lamp is a tad too big-boned for the table. Either way, they’re staying put for now. I figured just as our home evolves so can our furniture pieces and home accents. 🙂

Come back tomorrow for part two’s piece I refurbished using the Wag’. You won’t want to miss that (glossy) black beauty in action! 
Thanks for reading! Please share any of your make-over stories, I’d love to hear them!
Lemons to Love,
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