Happy Birthday Brooks

Today you turn 3 my dear Brooks, this is no news to me or you

You’ve brought more joy to my life than I even know what to do

Your spirit is like no other, uniquely created by our Heavenly Father

Some days seem long, but the years are short –

But even on the long days you could never be a bother Continue reading “Happy Birthday Brooks”


Brooks’ 2nd Birthday

This year Geoff and I were both lucky enough to have the ability to take B’s actual birthday off. To celebrate, we took some purposeful family time to one of our favorite spots, Lower Lewis. You might remember our recent visit there for our camp story adventures. We had to go back to what might be our last time out there, especially with a bright sunny day like this! ☀️ While the water was fa-reez-ing, the sky was clear and the sun was shining bright. I basically did a polar plunge with my feet 😬, but was so worth the lack of circulation just to be there playing in the stream. Continue reading “Brooks’ 2nd Birthday”