LtL Photography Nashville: Holiday Family Portraits

It’s that time of year! When families, couples, furbabies and confident singles book their holiday portrait sessions in preparation of sending cards off to family members and loved ones. It’s an adorned time of year, one I personally covet. I so look forward to receiving holiday cards from old and new friends. It’s something I love to collect each year just to pull out of the Christmas archive to see a time machine of those I love, both near and far. As a lifestyle photographer, I love being a part of a family’s traditions in taking their portraits to share with their mailing list of loved ones.

I’m always so humbled by repeat clients who ask me to be a part of special milestones in their life. This client, turned friend, asked me to capture their first holiday session as a family and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I love the jeweled tones so thoughtfully planned out and how well they coordinate with the fall leaves as a natural backdrop. Lindsay chose this location at the Percy Warner Park stairs and y’all to make this location even more special, it’s where they had their wedding pictures taken. Could they be a more beautiful family? Answer: No.

LtL Photography: Holiday Family Portraits

LtL Photography: Holiday Family PortraitsLtL Photography: Holiday Family Portraits

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