DIY Sensory Activity: Toddler Sandbox For Under $15

Sensory activities for toddlers are a must for every house, man, woman, child, dog. Sensory bins like this DIY sandbox are life changing for entertaining a toddler, especially during those (long) summer days. Let’s be real, just the idea of keeping a toddler stimulated can seem daunting and overwhelming for even the superest (don’t spell check me on that;) of moms! Fear not dear parents, here is an inexpensive DIY sensory activity that proves hours of stimulating entertainment for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Have you ever heard of The Busy Toddlerย on Instagram of Facebook? If not, run, don’t walk your fingers over to her account and spends (hours) admiring all the activities she’s come up with for her kids. The educational and sensory activities she shares are impressive, inspiring and motivating all on one site.

DIY Sensory Sandbox:

Today’s DIY sandbox is inspired by her, the hero behind The Busy Toddler. I realize most sandboxes don’t necessarily break the bank running around $50+, but for the sake of containing some sand for Brooks to run his tractors through, $15 was just around the spending budget I was into. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Kiddie Pool: Walmart $5.88 (currently on sale for $1.50!! Check your local store for availability)

Recreational Sand: Walmart $3.23/ bag (two filled up this kiddie pool plenty!)

DIY Sandbox Total = $12.34

Extras (should you want them):

Construction trucks: Walmart Semi-truck set $9.07 and smaller set Amazon already owned but you can find here (set of 5 for $12.00)

DIY sandbox

DIY sensory box

What fun or successful DIY activities ย have you done recently for your growing babies? I’d love to hear more ideas! Leave a comment below and share your parenting secrets!

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  1. Love this little gem! I see this sandbox in Graham’s near future with this long weekend. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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