Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Served

We say Happy Memorial Day without a real thought into the meaning of the holiday weekend…or maybe that’s just me. Even being a military wife for 6 years, from time to time I say the words without the realization of it’s true meaning and if it is, in fact, a ‘happy’ Memorial Day to all.ย Today on LtL I’m reflecting on what Memorial Day means and remembering those who served.

During a day where I am filled with love and so much joy being with family; at the lake, boating, eating and enjoying the company of those I love, I just want to take a pause to remember those who may be suffering from the loss of a loved one. You and those you may have lost have not been forgotten and we are forever grateful for their sacrifice. I’m beyond thankful for those who have and are serving this great country, and feel incredibly blessed everyday to have a husband who came home safely to my arms.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Memorial Day, may your day be filled with happiness in the memory of those who sacrificed it all.

Lemons to Love,



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