How to: 3 Date Ideas Under $20

Having a child and having a life with your spouse are sometimes not a symbiotic relationship. Schedules can get busy, work gets crazy and the budget can be tight. And even with the number of reasons we’re all trying to stay on a budget (insert: saving for a vacation, saving for a home, saving for a rainy day, or getting out of debt) any of these reasons are not a great reason to not make time and connect with your spouse. But do not fret ๐Ÿ˜‰ here are a few budget-friendly date ideas to keep that connection alive.Full disclosure: the following dates are kid-friendly ‘out of the box’ dates that aren’t threatening to break your bank. Let’s be real, finding a babysitter every time you want to go out together gets expensive and may not be a realistic option for most people. Geoff and I still like to find the time for one-on-one date nights where a babysitter is definitely in the mix, but that’s not a reality on a regular basis so getting creative and still being able to connect is super important to us.

Now for the good stuff: here are 3 date ideas to change things up and still be budget-friendly!

Local park picnic: Cost, $12.99

Last weekend Geoff, Brooks and I packed up our picnic blanket, speaker, snacks and a cooler of beer and headed to a local park near us. This park was perfect because it was big enough to feel like it was all to ourselves, room for Brooks to stretch his legs and explore on his own, and ample shady spots for cooler lounging under the trees.

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Kid-friendly brewery: Cost, $20

This might sound totally nuts to some people ‘a kid- friendly brewery’??! But trust me, it’s amazing. Millcreek Brewery in Nolensville is one of our favorite places to meet on a Friday after work. With running space for the littles and board games to play, this place is awesome. They even have a taco truck parked inside their facility with most items under $8! So with happy hour, cheap eats, and you can bring in drinks and snacks for your littles this place marks right at the top of our go-to kid-friendly date night. Cost breakdown:ย chips and salsa ($4), 2 braised pork belly tacos ($8), 2 beers ($8)…or sub the food for an extra few beers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Game night: Cost, $18.99

While this date doesn’t take you outside the home, it’s one of our favorites to a late night without the need for a sitter. Game night at home is something we used to do when we were first married and it always brings back that sweet nostalgia for me. With a bottle of wine (or two, ย no judgement, hell you’re not driving!), a deck of cards and good tunes to create whatever ambiance you want, you are the dealer of your own destiny. (See what I did there)๐Ÿ˜ After we put Brooks down for bed the rest of the night is open for us to laugh, drink and just have fun…unplugged; no TV, no phones. I highly recommend it just to change things up…I find it slows things down and allows for us to connect on a level we don’t get to often with so many distractions (and needs) around us daily. Whether you’re a card shark or boardgames kind of player…give it a try and let the competition begin. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽฒ

Happy Friday y’all, I hope you enjoyed my 3 budget-friendly, kid-friendly date night to keep that connection alive and change things up with the one you love. If you have a go-to date like these, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear any fun ideas y’all might have!

TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend with those you love ๐Ÿ’•

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