Photo Shoot Day: What To Do When The Weather Won’t Cooperate

When it comes to photo shoots, you can’t control the weather. I know, I know…that’s crazy right?! So what do you do when you’ve scheduled a photo shoot and there isn’t any wiggle room on the date you’ve planned for? Canceling just isn’t an option!

Just last week we planned to go out and shoot some fun family content, and wouldn’t you know it, the weather was not cooperating. While we obviously had an option to cancel and just do a shoot another day, I wanted to keep our plans and show that a rainy photo shoot can actually be a lot of fun, especially with little ones.

Since I had a few days to plan for the rain I bought B this (adorable) yellow rain coat from Target…I love how classically cute it is for a rain coat! Everything else we already had, so I planned accordingly and prepped for the day. My plan was to head to the Parthenon near downtown Nashville because I envisioned this clean creamy palate from the building and architectural lines from the columns (which happens to be an exact replica of the one in Greece).

Howeverrr, the area wasn’t exactly how I imagined it to be. * It wasn’t very clean (I’m not referring to the mud) and I probablyyy wouldn’t go there after dark. Anywho, it was cool to see and just do something new as a family to explore our new city. Plus B had a blast getting filthy in the mud and I think the pics came out pretty well!

LtL Family rainy photo shoot downtown nashvilleAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootProcessed with VSCO with s1 presetAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shootLtL Family rainy photo shoot downtown nashvilleProcessed with VSCO with s1 presetAug 2016 shootAug 2016 shoot

I wanted to play around with a rainy photo shoot for the first time to show myself (& clients) that the rain can be pretty cool and creative in a whole new way. For a family with little ones, styling with rain boots, colorful coats, and umbrellas can provide quite the photo opp for the mud and rain puddles. For couples or portraits, the rain can add a really cool ‘moody’ style for a photo shoot. To me, there’s just something so special for photo shoots when working with weather elements like wind, rain, and snow…and I live for those special elements and candid moments!

I hope y’all enjoyed them! And quick shout out to the man behind the camera, Mr Cott!! Thank you for helping me out, taking my ‘suggestions’ in stride and always be up for helping me out. <3

If you can think of any other creative ways to embrace weather elements share below! I’d love to hear them. *

Lemons to Love,


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