LtL Print Shop: How To Get More From Your Prints

“Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift in perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.”✨

I love this quote so much. Photography is so like this! With just a small shift of perspective you have a whole new view of life through the lens. That’s why today on the blog I’m sharing with y’all how to get more from your prints. With just a tiny shift or crop of a print you can get so much more from your art!

I also love this perspective for LtL print shoppers. With just a change in perspective, a minor crop of frame, you’ve given new life to an LtL print! Let me show you what I mean…

The print on the left is the original currently in the shop. With the creative freedom in printing the shop gives you, you can edit a print to your perspective. From a simple change in crop of the original print, the photo on the right now offers the viewer a totally different story, told by you, the buyer. Just think of it as your own personal curated piece of art to fit the needs of your home, office, or place of sanctuary.

I’m SUPER excited about March coming up because I have fresh new prints coming to the shop (hint: they’re florals and can I just say…YAY!) To see more prints and what’s new in the shop, click HERE ! And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on flash sales and new prints coming NEXT WEEK in the shop! OH! & your first print is always free…sign up here.

And for more posts on the print shop visit here and here.

Happy printing!

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