When Weather Doesn’t Cooperate: Taking Photos Indoors

Last weekend I went off on a photography-me time adventure to have some photo fun with a new friend (yay!) in the Orpyland Resort and Hotel. We were supposed to meet in downtown Nashville and just go from there with wherever the wind blew me creatively (cats out of the bag for next time, sorry Emily!) ๐Ÿ™‚ But the weather had other plans so we quickly regrouped and made plans to meet at Opryland instead.

While I’m typically more of a natural light photographer, I wanted the added challenge of photographing inside and somewhere new. I was already picturing a green house mood with contrasting plant life and soft twinkling backlights.

The photo session was the quickest part of the day since we turned most of the afternoon into some girl time to connect and sip on bubbles (not a bad way to spend the afternoon, if you ask me)! My only concern is…when are we gonna do it again!?

Here are a few from the day; she was so easy and natural with the camera! I honestly can’t wait to have another fun girls’ day like this again!

Opryland photo shootAug 2016 shootOpryland photo shootOpryland photo shootOpryland photo shootOpryland photo shoot

Can we just give MAJ kudos to Emily for photographing like a pro and being open to meeting up with me to take some pics just because I asked??! I still can’t get over it and amย still so appreociative of the creative freedom she gave me, but mostly the genuinely fun girl time!

Can’t wait for more…any other fun places to shoot around Nashville? I’d love to hear them!

Lemons to Love,


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