Small Acts of Kindness Day

This morning had me deep in thought over a recent story I read over the weekend that continues to unfold. It’s the beautiful story shared by Simply Sadie Jane,  about a simple act of kindness by her son and the lives that were changed by one small gesture.

In her recent blog post she goes into detail about the story and how the day unfolded. One part in particular stood out, “In one corner of my mind lies a tired stressed out mother who doesn’t want to deal with anyone or anything. And in the other corner lies the mother who wants to heal and help and serve…{children} often don’t know exactly how to handle “different”, which is where parents come in. They can literally shape the way children think and act, and if you can redirect the way that staring is processed, you can mold your child to be open and loving and nonjudgmental.”

I mean wow. This struck so many chords with me and got me thinking on one of the great purposes of being a mother is – to help mold a young mind to be loving, courageous, kind and nonjudgmental. To be fearless and serve others. To show grace and love as we have been shown through Christ.

I’m shook. I’m inspired. I’m humbled. Please visit her page and read the story for yourself. It’s…so beautiful in its power to change and heal.

Happy Monday friends, I hope today you feel loved, know love, and are love. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Lemons to Love,



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