Arrington Vineyards

Last weekend was our first in a while for some free time in our new-to-us home in middle Tennessee. We’ve had such a fun and busy summer traveling and visiting with friends and family that we didn’t have much time here to explore. #noregrets And with Fall creeping upon us comes football beautiful weather and a new season in the South. I.can’t.wait! *quietly shouts to self during nap time

So, in said spare time the three of us headed out on Saturday morning to soak in the sunny skies and farms lands. Unfortunately, the farm was closed for Fall festivities prepping which led us to an impromptu visit to a local vineyard I’d seen in passing. And y’all did our spontaneity deliver! This place was so beautiful – set up on a hillside overlooking the vineyards and rolling hills, but you can kinda expect that from a vineyard…right?? This place was a vineyard made for parents in a major way – judgement free zone! There were groups of friends setting up picnics with the vineyard’s ‘picnic flight’ option and families set up shop at picnic tables with children of all ages running about while parents sipped and socialized. IT WAS GLORIOUS! *choir of angels sing (I even saw a family setting up their 1 year old’s birthday party…well done parents, well done. 👏🏼

Beautiful ✅

Tasty ✅

Family-friendly sipping ✅✅

Needless to say, this place was awesome and Geoff and I will be frequenting their establishment in the near future. *cheers🍷

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If you’re in the area you should definitely pay them a visit!

Have a great week y’all!💛

Lemons to Love,



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