Memorial Day Weekend On Long Beach Peninsula

Memorial Day weekend has changed for me over the years. When I was younger I looked forward to going to the lake with my family; making memories, eating, swimming, and seeing fireworks displayed across the lake’s reflection. I knew what it meant, what it symbolized…but to be honest, I can’t remember actually taking a pause from my day to pray for those the holiday truly embodies.

This year for Memorial Day weekend we headed west to the coast. I loved the time we had together and the memories we’ll keep. I don’t think B’s ever been to a (real) sandy beach like this yet (which makes the Florida girl in me!). And…y’all, I can’t even remember if/when the last time I flew a kite was?? That is one thing I cherish about having a tiny human…the ability to tap into my inner little girl and relive carefree days like these.

Even with Geoff dedicating his purpose these last few years to a greater cause, I still feel like I could never show enough gratitude for those who have sacrificed their all, leaving family members to pick up their broken hearts and carry on.

Today’s post is dedicated to those who have done both; the courageous who’ve sacrificed it all, and their families who personify a deep level of strength – mending their broken hearts and find the joy in the memories of their loved one. Thank you one million times over for setting an example of courage and valor.

Lemons to Love,


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