Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

I was able to check off another box on my PNW bucket list recently! B and I met up with some good friends to enjoy the day exploring and learning at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Northwest Trek is an outdoor wildlife conservation that allows animals to remain in their natural habitat. They have beautiful trails and exhibits of the different wildlife they house, along with a 50 minute tram ride through the park where you can see furry four-legged friends like elk, moose, bison, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats! We even saw a pretty large (and in charge) beaver right before he dove back into hiding…off to build a dam, I suppose. 😉

I was a little weary on making the trip because I’ve heard mixed reviews on never seeing an actual animal during the wildlife tour. But I guess the weather was right and the creatures were feelin’ social because we saw every single animal they have to offer! They even have a pretty big kid’s park they just opened the weekend we went. It was lots of fun for B to run around on, but once the bigger kids started arriving it was clear the Spring Breakers were taking over. 🙂 Granted, 18 months may be a little young for that grand size of the park, highlight’s always 20/20, right? Regardless, we got there early and really enjoyed our time playing in the beautiful weather with friends!

*Random proud parent moment: B fell and got his first concrete scraped raspberry — he’s officially a toddler on the loose! and side note: he handled it better than me. B:2, Mama: 0

^^^ I call this the lady killer. This glaring model pose just absolutely kills me…and he doesn’t even know it. Well, mostly. 😉

^^^ Slightly unsure, but still tried!


^^^ B was pretty unsure what to do with this contraption. I, of course, attempted to show him by offering him a tandem jumping session….he wasn’t into it.

^^^ Cutie-patootie Molly hittin’ me up with some classic poses…she was sweet enough to oblige my request. 🙂

^^^ And Kieran killing’ the game! You can tell they’ve been well-schooled in mommy-photography 101.












^^^ Calling the wolf to come closer 🙂



^^^ Caption this ^^^

Just a little glimpse of springtime heaven. I love the drive out there and back…it’s so full of open fields and groomed country side farms. The rolling hills with these pops of yellow flowers were so pretty on the bright, sunny day…I just had to stop and snap a pic to savor.

I joked with my mom earlier when the idea of us coming home before Christmas came up. I replied “I toughed it out for six long months of winter here just so I could get to my very favorite time of the year out here! If you wanna see us, com’on back! We have plenty on the spring/summer agenda.” 😉

Speaking of agenda…I have the longest.list.ever that I started last summer when I officially caught ‘the bug’. I’m hoping we can get to most of it and go somewhere new to explore with each outing! If that’s the case consider this your official warning: overgramming has a high probability rate.

Thanks for reading!

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