Family Hike: Murhut and Rocky Brook Falls

A few weeks back B and I took off for another #babyBandme adventure. With Geoff still gone, having fun outings with Brooks helps to time go by much quicker; not to mention it’s just something I really love doing with him. Although I get homesick and miss the South (almost daily) I’m definitely not wishing my time away here as we approach our last summer here in Washington. I’ve really found a deep (almost spiritual) love for being outdoors here the PNW, and love nothing more than sharing that joy with my family, and creating so many different memories to look back on.

I do quite a bit of research into our hikes…where they’ll be, how long they take, what’s the difficulty level, and of course, are there waterfalls.  This particular outing took us up into the Olympic Peninsula where there are tons of hiking trails and waterfalls that surround the Olympic National Forest. I try to keep my drive time to less than 2 hours and my hiking to less than 5 miles round-trip. A) for safety reasons and B) I’m not sure I could handle the 30 pound load by myself without breaks for snacks and water. 😉 But now that we have a new-to-me hiking carrier who knows how far I could go?! Kidding…it’ll still be the same until Geoff gets back!

We had so much fun exploring these trails in search of the waterfalls at the end. Our first stop was Rocky Brook Falls followed by Murhot Falls. B was getting a little antsy toward the end of Murhot so I let him out to explore at his own pace. He loved hearing his echo through the forest! *heart emoji* It was so sweet to watch him squeal, run, and of course, play with rocks (his favorite).

^^^ Selfie stick in major action ^^^^^^ Rocky Brook Falls

Y’all…. I caught a bald eagle catching it’s lil fishy snack. I’m trying to play this cool, but I freaked. Also, the picture quality is terrible on the close up, but….I don’t care.🤓

^^^ Rock?

^^^ Murhot Falls

^^^ More rock??

^^^ and…more rock??

Thanks so much for reading! I’ve loved sharing these amazing times I get to experience with my family…until next time!

Don’t forget to check out my video montage from our #mommyandme hike of the falls!

Lemons to Love,



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