MiMi’s visit: Olympia Children’s Museum

I hope y’all enjoyed part I of MiMi’s visit! The drive and view alone to me is always worth it, but once you get to Paradise the panoramic views are breathtaking. I’m so glad my mom saw what we do too after her visit in the snow.

So aside from that mini break in beautiful weather during our trip to the mountain, it literally poured rain the whole time my mom was here. I know, I know…y’all are like, cool, that’s Washington right? No, usually it’s an overcast misty rain that’s dare I say bearable *gasp* but this was like ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’. I was practically knocked unconscious by a falling tree branch during our trip to the zoo. Ok, slight exaggeration but the picture has been painted — the weather pretty much sucked. But we made the best of it and had our chill days in and more adventures out!

On this particular rainy day we headed to the Hands on Children’s Museum. B had a blast! He was into ev.ery.thing — I loved watching his little mind learn, explore, and begin to imagine in the world around him. It’s such a sweet site to see.





^^^ B loves water. All of it — in every speed, depth and temperature.





^^^ Looks like they’re in deep thought planning their next strategic lay. 🙂




^^^ I mean, the tiny apron for tiny people. Seriously y’all…

Note: Not staged and clearly adorable. <3


^^^ Mic check. 1, 2… Hot mic



It’s meant more to me than I can probably even emotionally tap into right now to have these memories locked forever in time.

Love you, mom (& missed you, dad). *holds back a river of tears*

Stay tuned for more tears waterfalls and pictures in MiMi’s visit, part III!

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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