Capital Lake and B’s 11 month pics

Hi friends! Ok, so I know this is going to sound sooo cliche of me BUT…I can’t believe B is E L E V E N months old already!! Kiddos really highlight how fast time actually slips by us. I guess it’s one of the many lessons in God’s design for us to appreciate time and those we love…message received God, appreciation in progress.

To capture B’s eleven (sweet) months on this earth we took a drive down to Capital Lake in Olympia where there are beautiful views of the lawn, lake, and Washington capital. He was such an easy subject to shoot with his grins, chins, and chunks…he really is my daily muse.

I love you so much, lil B Bear. I can’t wait to celebrate your wonderful life in just one month when you turn ONE year old!! *wipes away tear*

Thanks for reading dear friends! Can’t wait to share more…

Lemons to Love,

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