Point No Point Beach

Happy Friday, friends!! Not too long ago, on a cool and cloudy day the fam and I headed off for a drive and beach exploration. The beaches here are beautiful, mountain-filled skylines as far as the eye can see, but most of the ones we’d set foot on this summer were rocky shorelines…and these little Florida feet missed the feeling of sand in my toes! We didn’t really have a specific destination, just one of those days where we were both up for hittin’ the road with baby and picnic in tow, where we stop, nobody knows. 😉
We drove over the Gig Harbor bridge toward our first stop at Scenic Beach State Park. This was a great park to visit for campers, grillers, and gamers…and wouldn’t you know, it had an awesome panoramic ‘scene’ of mountain tops as far as the eye could see. We stopped to take a few sweet pics, soak in the ‘scene’ but my heart was still set on some soft sand!

Enter final destination at Point No Point beach and lighthouse complete with gorgeous views, whale watching, and…sandy beaches!! It was such a great find, I definitely want to go back. B and I had so much fun playing in the water, feeling the sand n our toes (& in mouths), and searching far and wide for whales. (Y’all have no idea my obsession with this — I am bound and determined to see some orcas, humpbacks, blue whale, I don’t care! But they are very common out here and it will happen…oh yes it will happen *cough* Geoff)

Before we headed out, we had a sweet little picnic by the water (while I continued searching for whales)…

Can’t wait to share our next summer adventure with you!

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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