Wedding bells…continued

Yesterday you might have seen this post on our trip back to south Georgia for some good ol’ family fun and much-needed mental vacation time. Our first few days there were relaxing, family time in the sweet southern spot of Social Circle, GA. We visited Atlanta, saw my sis, and had tons of good food along the way. But our real reason for the visit was to celebrate the wonderful marriage of my father-in-law, Dick, and his bride-to-be, Diane.

Sunday was the day of their blessed union. It was such a sweet and beautiful service held at the church they attend in the (adorable) small, Southern town of Madison, GA. Dick drove us around that Friday before (the most delicious buffet, I might add, Southern meal) dinner to show us around the historical town of Madison. SO.CUTE!

Anyway, back to the main event! The wedding was perfect, the bride blushing, and the groom happy as a clam. I really can’t say enough about my happiness for these two — God found them right where they needed to be to find one another.

This post is for YOU!

Poor guy fell asleep Into the program…this, by the way, was by no means due to the reading material or message of the pastor. 🙂

Congrats to Grandpa and Memaw! We couldn’t be happier you’ve found each other. Wishing you a life time of blessings together – Love, Lindsay, Geoff & Brooks

Lemons to Love,

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