Snoqualmie Falls

This summer weather has me actin’ crazzzyyy…crazy for all outdoor related activities, that is! There have definitely been a few blazing hot days, but for the most part the summer days here are sunny, 70s and little bit of perfection. Since I work most Saturdays, Sundays are our only day off together as a family so we try to spend them doing something we can all enjoy.

Last weekend was no different. We woke up Sunday morning, packed up some lunch and headed north for the Snoqualmie Falls. And lemme tell you something’ it.was.beautiful! The only downfall was you had no access to the actual fall. So close – yet so unattainable. It was only something to admire from a distance so we walked down to the beach area so B could play for a bit.

After some time hangin’ in the tide pools we hadn’t quite gotten our ‘waterfall fill’ for the day so we impromptuly headed East to another spot of falls in North Bend.

This particular fall had a little over a mile hike to get through, and since I was feeling one with nature that day, I strapped on B and we headed out for the hike. Let me reiterate, this was only about a mile long hike, but after carrying a 20+ lb baby on you all day, my physical stamina was definitely being tested. 🙂 After a few brief pit stops of ‘fresh air’ AKA deep breathing, we made it to our Franklin Falls destination. And we had such a fun time there. My favorite part was probably when I heard B squeal and flap his arms with delight as soon as he saw the water fall rushing down from above…it was such a sweet, genuine moment of pure joy!

Our Lion King moment at Franklin Falls –


My two studs –

A view from the hike –

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more summer adventures from the Cott clan… 🙂

Lemons to Love,

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