Down by the waterside with baby I will be

Growing up in Florida I had constant access to a body of water and sunshine…lots and lots of sunshine. It’s funny the little things you take advantage of, isn’t it? Living out in the Pacific Northwest the winters can be a bit *er* cloudy and depressing. My theory is God knows this and thoroughly understands the struggle with seasonal depression (the struggle IS real, y’all), that’s why he makes the Spring and Summer seasons here one of the most beautiful times of the year! Which requires multiple trips to the water a must for this girl and the family. With weather like this and views to die for, it also doesn’t hurt that it makes my little side hobby of taking amateur photos to capture sweet moments like these a bit more fun.

B didn’t have a care in the world but these salty rocks he wanted in his mouth.

I think it’s easy to say that everyone enjoyed their time by the waterside! I ended up forgetting the boys’ tennis ball, but they didn’t seem to mind as they happily chased rocks into the tide. I swear, Murphy could swim for hours on end — I wish I had an ounce of that milk chocolate’s energy level. It was also B’s first experience with consuming sand…ah, I can just see it, the days of sandy diapers are in my near future!

Hope you enjoy your weekend and some sweet, sweet sunshine!

Lemons to Love,

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4 thoughts on “Down by the waterside with baby I will be

  1. haha, not a chance! It's my 'big girl amatuer hour' Nikon camera. I have a small obsession with pretending to be a professional photographer. and yes, you DO need to upgrade to have a working microphone on that phone of yours! 🙂

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