#FBF – Baby Shower Gender Reveal!

Welp, I’m pretty sure the cat’s outta the bag on this one! Not only has the gender been revealed, but the baby is born! Ha! Regardless, I still really wanted to share with y’all this fabulous day spent with friends and family. The beautiful baby shower thrown by my two sisters and best friends back home is definitely worth a bragging post.  They filled my parents’ home with so much love and creativity I can’t help but show them off with my readers!

While trying not to be too much of a Momzilla during all the prepping I did have a little input in the shower since the gender reveal was a secret to most of the party. I love being creative and couldn’t help myself to add my own little flare of fun into the shower with the reveal.

To do this, I made (*the best cupcakes I’ve ever whipped up*) Salted Caramel Cupcakes and filled them with gender-appropriate colored icing. When the guests would bite into the mouth-watering sugary goodness they would reveal the gender of Baby!

To reveal the name of Baby Cott I made little individual letters to spell out the name and attached them below on the wrappers of random cupcakes. Those who chose the lettered cupcakes would then get together and unscramble the letters to reveal the name chosen for our first baby-to-be.

Before consumption of cupcakes and Baby gender was revealed I wanted to create a little game for the attendees with a gender guessing game. I cut out little pieces of card stock paper, one in a blue design and one in pink. I then set up two labeled jars for guests to place their vote. After the gender was revealed I pulled out one lucky winner from the jar and gave them a fun little girly box filled with a gift card to Ulta along with some nail polish and colorful emery boards as an added Thank You for coming!

Last but certainly not least there were the food and gifts! The spread was divine and decor even sweeter. I even heard someone say it looked straight out of a Food Network article….great job ladies!! Who’s ready to start a side event planning biz? 😉

Everybody needs a little Nipple Butter in their life…

One of my most cherished gifts, this handmade quilt for little B from his MiMi.

These pictures don’t even do the day justice. It was so surreal opening gifts for our coming bundle of joy, and surrounded by so much love was the icing on the (cup)cake. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Brooks’ shower and for all the sweetness you fill our lives with. He really is such a blessed little baby to have all the love and care given by each of you.

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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