A Family Visit & Bucket Listing in WA, part 1

Recently Geoff and I had the pleasure of hosting my very favorite father-in-law here in WA. He is always a joy to have in town and since moving into our new home off post it was fun to show him our new digs and progress to the house. You might remember our exploring adventures from this post last year. Not only did we go see where Luis and Clark explored the West coast…we were Luis and Clark hopping on road trip after road trip seemingly scouring every corner of the western coast of Washington and parts of Oregon.

This time around we stayed a little more local with our exploring and headed to parts unknown while checking off a few of my WA Bucket List items I’ve made over the years.

Adventure stop #1:

Bainbridge Island

With this trip I got to check off not one, not two, but three never-experienced items off my list. The trip started off with a fun and relaxing ferry ride across the Puget Sound. As my dad likes to say, this was a “Chamber of Commerce type of day”. So the trip across beautiful waters and panoramic views of the city was nothing short of perfection.

Hi, we are mature 30-something year old adults who take fake vomit pictures from the ferry…
We walked the streets of this quaint town, stopping in little shops along the way. We made our way to the delicious, and also view-worthy, restaurant Doc’s Marina Grill for lunch. We soaked in the sun, good company and friendly staff while enjoying the tasty treats of lunch and boats sailing by.

I did a little research on places to stop and try while in Bainbridge and this little ice cream shop, Mora, was apparently a must! And wouldn’t you know it, a homemade crepe shop was right next door! I like to think I’m not a sheltered person, with all the fun trips and memories I’ve made over my 30-something years…but then I’m quickly (and pleasantly) reminded of ALL the things I have yet to experience. One of them being crepes. Yep, that’s right…I’ve never tasted the sweet, flattened pancake joy of a crepe. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. So naturally we ordered ice cream from Mora and a few crepes from next door to share, family-style.

The weather was perfect and the company even better during our trip to Bainbridge Island. I can’t wait to go back! If anything just for the ferry ride…it was a cheap thrill enjoyed from start to finish. It was the best start to our weekend together.

Can’t get enough of our fun family ventures?? Check out part 2 on the blog…there’s more adventures to be explored.

Lemons to Love,

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