Top 10: What I’ve Learned So Far in My First Two Trimesters

Let me start off by saying this: being pregnant is one of the coolest, most beautiful experiences God has ever graced me with. I’ve been blessed with this miracle of life and I plan on continuing to show my gratitude for that blessing. So, if you’re over saturated with baby posts and blogs this may not be the post for you 😉 If not, than by all means, PLEASE keep reading!

Now, with all of that being said here is my list of what I’ve learned so far during my first two trimesters (and counting):

1. Being pregnant is a gift, not a burden. Yes, even with the growing belly, pants size, shoe size, bra size (need I go on?)

2. Your body changes…a lot. Maybe this is so that I can start emotionally processing the ‘change’ my body will continue to go through post delivery? Thoughts?

3. I pee when I sneeze (yeah, I said it).

4. Buying only maternity while you’re pregnant is a waste of money. I’ve had very giving friends and family members donate their maternity clothes to me (just call me the Salvation Army, I got no shame). Although I have purchased a few basic pieces to rotate, like pants and tops, I also realized that shopping smart for regular clothes made more sense. (Spandex and lycra are my new best friends) Buying regular clothes I could see myself enjoying while I lost my baby weight just made more sense than buying a ton of maternity pieces just because I’m pregnant. No thank ya!

5. Touching back on #3 and bodily functions…pregnancy makes you constipated! TMI? Hey, I’m Lindsay, have we met? 🙂 I mean, it happens people. One thing that’s helped me is trying to chug down a gallon of water a day, exercise, and *cough* daily supplements if you will. It also helps tremendously reading other bloggers who openly talk about the same ‘changes’ in their bodies. It makes me feel like I’m not the only constipated one peeing my pants.

6. Baby brain is real…or is that my unmedicated ADD brain? What’s for dinner tonight? Have the dogs been fed? Ooh look, a shoe sale! Wait…what was I talking about? Oh yes, baby brain 🙂 and bless Geoff for patiently dealing with it.

7. Pregnancy hormones are real. And by real, I mean real scary. Those things can take on another life form all on their own! Geoff actually finds it quit impressive how ‘they’ can take on their own personality in a matter of seconds. He’s taken his fascination to another level by purposefully showing me potentially emotional videos or commercials and timing how long it takes for the alligator tears to start forming in my eyes. It’s usually within the first few seconds. What I’ve learned? To just roll with it, embrace it and laugh it off. I’ve usually forgotten why I’m even crying 2 minutes into an ‘episode’ anyway.

8. Lays potato chips are laced with crack. (This is purely based on my baby brain, not science…yet)

9. I already love this baby and we haven’t even met. When we found out the sex of the baby it became really real for me. Then, when I experienced the first few gentle kicks in my belly I fell in love. I began to grasp even more the true miracle of life that was growing inside of me. The feeling is indescribable and the love is (already) deeper than I knew I was capable of. I think only God is capable of providing that much love for our hearts to handle.

10. After all the nausea, pants peeing, body changes, emotional roller coasters and weight gain who wants to go through all of that? I do. This girl right here. Hands down. Again and again. I’ve loved being pregnant and am blessed with having a healthy pregnancy so far. I pray for a healthy third trimester, delivery and baby! I’d be lucky to have a top 10 like this again one day, but not too soon. 😉

Thanks for reading and suffering through my TMI top 10! Have you experienced some of the same? I’d love to hear!

Lemons to Love,

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