Auburn Californication, part II

Did the second half of our California trip even exist? Why yes, yes it did and I’m happy to (finally) be getting around to sharing it with you! Here, I even have the proof to show you…

While I could’ve gotten that famous Hollywood Hills shot from the web, I can assure I didn’t. This vacation was such a fun and memorable one. Even though our Auburn Tigers didn’t pull out a win at the National Championship, it was still a trip I’ll always remember and cherish…forever and ever.

Now, let’s pick up from where we left off on Auburn Californication, part I. The next day my dad and I scurried to LAX to pick up my partner in crime. I mean, look at this guy’s stellar excitement…geared out and all.

We went back to the condo, dropped off his things and quickly got the second half of the vacay started. Since Geoff, my sister and brother-in-law didn’t partake in the Santa Monica pier activities from a few days earlier we went back to the famous destination and soaked in the fun one more time.

After all the rollercoastin’ riding (& infamous family pics) we piled back into the car and enjoyed the beautiful drive up the PCH toward Malibu. But wait, not before we made a pit stop to the one and only In & Out Burger, duh! I’d never been before, but Geoff talked it up enough to where it was almostย like I had. We had an almostย moment during out first trip to the National Championship in Phoenix, but sadly our plans changed (and I think he’s still scarred from the situation).

Look at that pure joy…nom nom nom

Getting’ after it…

Photo montage in 3…2…1…

Not only is their food awesome, but so is their love for Christ. Check out this marketing…

And then of course there’s these two cuties…

After a beautiful and scenic drive up the PCH we stopped off at this little public access park to the beach just in time for the California sunset (no filter needed).

Once we’d soaked in all the natural beauty of the sun dipping into the Pacific Ocean we headed back down the coast to meet the rest of the fam for dinner. I just love how we all make a point to take these trips together, make memories together, and share moments like these! It’s so special to me. After dinner us youngins headed out to a few of the local bars in Venice. Never a dull moment with this group. It’s like going out with your best friends, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Mi Familia (minus a few)

Ya gotta get a little Waaaaar EAGLE in there! (cool kid in the middle couldn’t get into I guess #lame … just kidding boo! You know I got mad love for you #smooches)

My little Hot-Lanta Amigas…miss these two

These two crazy kids…out on the town without their kids (rockstars!)

A late night means an early morning, but we were all foaming at the mouth to get to the Rose Bowl (minus the Rabies). It was such a beautiful area. We parked on a huge golf course and enjoyed the sunshine for as long as we could.

During our tailgating time we had one very important agenda to attend to…the tickets. You see, my parents are the golden ticket holders and with 4 together and 2 in a different section, a friendly competition was born. This is nothing new with my family, especially between the siblings and spouses. So ticket coin toss was created. (This really happened).

Coin toss won, now contemplating his plan of attack…

Showing authenticity…

The anticipation!

My sister and bro-in-law won the newly minted game, but the real winners were Geoff and me. Why do you ask? No real reason, I just don’t like losing ๐Ÿ˜‰ With a gorgeous stadium like the Rose Bowl there really isn’t a bad seat in the house and Geoff and I lucked out with our ‘second hand’ tickets, regardless of the coin toss ‘winners’. Com’on I mean look at that view!

But before we got to the gorgeous panoramic views insideย the stadium we had to capture some family memories outside first.

We had suchย a good time at this historical stadium. ย With some highs and lows, and a few high blood pressure moments, Auburn lost, but we walked away with our heads held high and proud of the way our team had played. I mean, we weren’t even ranked (or closeย to being ranked) in the top 25 preseason and made it all the way to the National Championship. Two trips to the BCS National Champoinship in 3 years isn’t bad at all…

The next day was our last as we headed to the airport and back to WA. ย Everyone has their memorable vacations and time with friends and family and this trip was it for me! I absolutely loved every minute I shared with California and the people in it…I can’t wait to go back! Love my family and the memories we make together…oh yeah, and War Eagle ๐Ÿ™‚

What fun stories or vacations are memorable for you this year?

Lemons to Love,

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