No mantle? No problem!

While thoughts of gum drops may dance in your head, a beautiful wood-burning fireplace and a mantle to hang our stockings dance in mine. But that dream comes with time and for now I will get to the creative board and find another way! I got these classic red velvet stockings from Pottery Barn right after Geoff and I married, but they’ve never really had a good place to call home during the holidays. So this year I made a point to find a an alternative way to hang these beauties…mantle or not!  While out thrifting I came across these mounted deer antlers and knew immediately I had found our sweet stockings a place to call home.  Deer antlers are all the rave, especially during the holiday season, so I eagerly jumped on board when I saw them. (Who knew taxidermy would be so trendy?? My grandfather would be so proud:)

I’ve also had this large frame I scored at a local Goodwill sitting in our garage waiting to be used…I had to talk Geoff out of throwing it in the garbage on multiple occasions.  I just knew I would find a good use for it, and along came Christmas!

I spray painted both of them black, hung them with care, and gave our red stockings a new home for our Cottrill Christmas affair!

No mantle? No problem…

And there ya’ have it folks! What kinds of creative ways do you hang your stockings for Christmas?
Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!
Lemons to Love,
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