Sorry Nate, you’ve been hacked

How To: knock off Nate Berkus in 4 easy steps…

But first, I’ll start with a back story (what? a back story…just get to the How To part already!). Sorry, I’m feeling a bit long-winded today. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I am pretty much lovingย everythingย that handsome Nate Berkus puts out in his Target collection! He is so on point with the trends of the seasons and makes style looks so effortless. ย I’m loving the chic warmth of his new Fall collection. ย But even though his line of home decor is price to sell at Target, that doesn’t always mean it’s priced to buy from my wallet.

Ahh, inspiration at it’s finest….in steps my Nate Berkus DIY Tray Hack.

A while back I picked up this white ceramic dish, soon-to-be-tray at a local thrift store. When I saw it I immediately thought of these Marble Print trays of Nate’s (yeah, first name basis at this point) I’ve been eyeing. So, with a few materials lying around the house, I decided to give it a DIY go at it!

Materials needed:
* Anything resembling the shape of this lovely tray. I got lucky with my heavy ceramic white dish, but it can be any material and color (nothing a little white spray paint can’t fix!)
* Black Sharpie permanent marker
* Tape (I used painter’s tape I had lying around)
* An oven
I have to be honest, I first tried to ‘free hand’ the pattern onto the tray, but realized after a few sections that I wasn’t free-handing so successfully. So in came the painter’s tape. ย I used this to guide my pattern a bit more evenly throughout. ย As I drew on the geometric shapes I tried to keep to a 3s, 4s, and 5s pattern…using Nate’s Marble Print as inspiration.
Once I was done drawing my geometric patterns, I carefully peeled off the tape and placed the tray in the oven. ย I’ve read on different sites that cooking the tray for 30 minutes at 350 will help set the permanent marker. ย After an anticipated 30 minutes went by I pulled out my tray with utter excitement! I let it cool over night, then sealed the tray with a lightย coat of Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint to give it a glossy protective finish. (I emphasized a lightย coat as I was careful not to overspray or cause drips).ย 

I really like how it came out (& how easy it was!). I’ve added it to my Fall Vignette as a ‘catch all’ for my vintage cocktail tumblers and other ‘barcessories’.ย 
I’ll be posting some pics of my Fall decor and Vignette later this week! Come back for a visit and as always, thanks for reading!
Lemons to Love,
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