The Peacock Chair

This post has been a long time a comin’. I first spotted this fun peacock chair on craigslist and had to have it in my possession! I am totally digging the 70s decor sneaking it’s way into the new millennium, and into my home. I love the flirty ‘feathery’ details of this piece…the handcrafted touches of design make this chair so special.

{Craigslist score!}

I orinigally invisioned painting the peacock in a flashy ‘Florida’ hue with a leafy, palm fabric – think Palm Beach. Instead, what I got was this … get your sunnies on people, it’s a bright one.

The paint color was called coral reef. Sounds pretty right? Well, it came out to look more like Pepto Bismol Peacock…not what I was going for. ย My immediate instinct was to ask other people’s opinions of how the color came out. ย (You know it’s a bad decision when you repeatedly need the reassurance from anyone who’s listening. I should go back and read my ‘Gut’ post from last week!) When I asked Geoff what he thought, he lovingly described it as ‘a chair he’d find at a retirement home in Boca’. (sigh) After temporarily being offended by his honesty I eventually agreed with his description and repainted it. (double sigh) Thanks for always keepin’ it real in my life (and furniture design decisions) hunnnnyyyy! ๐Ÿ˜€

I decided to embrace the Peacock for what it was and stop trying to make it something it wasn’t…Floridian. I found this pretty blue shade of paint (in the discount section at Lowe’s, halla!) and went to work with the Wag’ and came out with this!

To make it a little more of a comfy seating option I wanted to make a cushion for the tush. I’m still working on collecting all my materials I need to pull it all together, BUT I did get something in the mail recently that I’m pretty excited about!! The fabric from! and it’s not the cheap-o quality ย fabric that can sometimes disappoint on delivery day. Once I knew I was committing to the blue, I knew I wanted to go for a floral-ly, watercolor-ly type pattern for my fabric. (professional design words there, folks. you heard it here first.) I really love the warmth these colors bring to the chair! I think it gives it a more ‘grown up’ look I was going for…that the ‘coral reef’ just wasn’t bringin’ to the table…or seat ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a sneak peak to to seat…

Painted peacock chair (check), fabric picked and delivered (check), seat cushion to complete this project (in progress). Check back soon for the final reveal!

Thanks for reading!

{This piece is currently for sale}

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