Estate Sale Score!

Close your eyes and imagine this with me: smooth curvy lines, gold embellishments, and legs made to be stared at. Now open your eyes. What were you envisioning?? Well, secretly I was thinking of two things. #1: that’s how I imagine every outfit will look on me when planning for a night out…sadly, this is not always my reality. So we move on to #2: the thoughts running through my head when I scored this diamond in the rough at an estate sale recently in Tacoma!

I love, love the antique style curve of the body and legs on casters…they just don’t make ’em like this anymore. I haven’t quite decided how to refurbish this peice yet. I was flipping through Pinterest for some inspiration and came across a few different ideas…

Trendy green with greek key handles?

{image source}

Navy blue with gold hardware?

{image source}

Restored glory?

{image source}

Black and white?

{image source}

Or, black with gold pulls?

{image source}

I was also thinking of painting it the same glossy black I did the bedside table. Maybe even sell them as a set? What do y’all think? Any ideas or suggestions? Which of these stand out to you?

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what you think!

Lemons to Love,
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