Dear Summer, please stay – part 2

Time to slow it down a bit as we head into two of my happiest places on Earf…our family lake house in FL and Auburn, AL.  My family has been spending Summers at the lake since before I was even a thought.  It’s a place where time stops, mental relaxation is a must and technology is an afterthought. And as for Auburn, well, some might say the family tree bleeds orange and blue.  Everyone from my grandfather, parents, aunt and uncle, sisters, and cousins have gone there. It’s the reason I met the love of my life, so yes, it holds a special place in my heart, too. 🙂 I’ve grown up going to Auburn football games. Just about every Saturday in the Fall you’d find the family at a tailgate, Tiger Walk, and rolling Toomer’s Corner.

So for today’s post, I invite you in to a little slice of my lake house heaven and Auburn oasis…

What goes on at The Lake House, you ask? Well, just a little eatin’, a little drinkin’, a little boatin’…

…a little readin’

…a little swimmin’

…and skiin’

(…and some pretty weird stuff too)

…did I mention eatin’ and drinkin’?

Mmm…homemade, fresh from the garden, good ol’ cookin’ Southern food!
{Incase your drool is wondering, that’s okra, creamed corn, ‘Granny’ peas, drunk chicken, and fried cornbread to wash it all down}

Couples connecting and channeling their inner collegiate days.

And speaking of collegiate days! You better believe Geoff and I made our way back to The Plains for the first Auburn football game of the 2013 season!

We made a quick pit-stop through Toomer’s Corner and said hello to Geoff’s old apartment right above Toomer’s Drugs.

and then there’s tailgating with the General…

Jordan-Hare Stadium and all her glory 🙂

Warrrrr Eagle, Hey! We played Arkansas State for the season kickoff and finished the night with a w-i-n! 31-24…Go Tigers! If you haven’t experienced an Auburn football game, I strongly suggest you add it to your bucket list. I may be a bit biased here, but with the southern hospitality of the fans, the beautiful brick campus, and the eagle soaring the tops of the stadium before kick-off…it’s a joy like no other!

We couldn’t have asked for a better trip! For me, it was a sweet, refreshing nourishment for my soul before heading back to the West Coast.  This vacation touched all corners of my heart: family, friends, lake time, and Auburn. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

What are some of your memorable trips with friends and loved-ones?

Lemons to Love,
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