Before and After – Little White Desk

Drum roll pleasseeeee…..

More so on the fact that I’m finally getting around to posting this bad boy! I had it done last week, but with finals sucking the life out of me there just wasn’t any drab to fab time (a sad state of affairs).  Even though this project was not done with the Wag’ (see post from Wed.) I still think she came out all right!

I wanted to go for a clean, fresh look and add little bits of personality with desk styling. The color is Snowy Mount in high gloss by Olympic. I still have a few more ‘adjustments’ I’d like to make, but if I waited on those changes I might never get this thing posted! I also wanted to keep it pretty neutral because I plan on selling it, eventually. Know of any takers, go’head and hit me up! : )

 Drab (so sad)

 Fab (so rad!)

I do pretty much everything at this desk (hence the name, work space!) so to catch all my paper clutter I found these orange organizers at Ikea in the clearance section for $.99 each! Hello bargain!


The mouse pad is a DIY I painted! I made a few for options, so I’ll post that project here soon!

and there she is folks, a bright n’ shiny new make over … (did you notice the time? looks like it took me a whole 3 minutes to take these shots!) : )

Here’s to creative places and beautiful spaces!

Lemons to Love,
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