Jewelry vs Paint sprayer – put your dukes up

It’s the fight of the week – Jewelry vs Paint sprayer.

I received not one, but two fabulous surprises from my sweet hubby this weekend. First, was a (wrapped!) gift awaiting me at home when I got back from my last final for the semester (as the Hallelujah chorus plays in my head)! He’d overheard me mention (a few times) how much I loved this necklace I saw and got it as a ‘congrats on kicking this semester’s as*’ gift. If that’s what I have waiting for me after each successful semester,!

Second, was an impromptu trip to Lowe’s during ‘errand running day’. Unbeknownst to me, Geoff had been researching different paint sprayers for me to use on my brewing side biz ; ) (round of applause to you, sir).  We strolled through the paint section looking at all the fine shades of color waiting to be plucked for my next project, when I was hit. Well, not literally, more metaphorically, with surprise!! as he presented me with my new, handy dandy, Wagner Flexio 590! winner winner, chicken dinner.

This, my friends, was a big weekend. I honestly don’t know which surprise I’m more excited about.
The stunning necklace or my Wag’ with swag.

The verdict is still out …

Check back later this week after I put this bad boy to use!

Lemons to Love,
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2 thoughts on “Jewelry vs Paint sprayer – put your dukes up

  1. Agreed Ian! It has been such a time and money saver! Although I sometimes have a difficult time with the sprayer 'spitting' at first try. It may be a bit of operator error though.:)
    Thanks so much for reading!

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