“If you build it, they will come.” That’s my motto for today’s post on desk-styling.  My idea is to create a space of calming, creative inspiration with chic styling.  Through fun accessories and functioning storage, your home office can be a place where creativity flows like the glass of wine you poor at night (or day, for that matter).  
I’m working on my own ‘home office’ space right now. I want it to be a place I look forward to spending time and inspires me to conquer my daily endeavors.  Whether that be my next home project, school work, or thinking of the dinner menu (because sometimes that is my creative accomplishment for the day!)
To get some ideas for my new and improved creative corner, I pulled some inspiration from the web, a few of my favorite blogs, and pictures on Pinterest. (To see more of my inspirations, check out my Home Office board on Pinterest.)
Ok, onto my inspirations …
Well, first let’s talk about those framed sections of wallpaper?! If we were proud home owners I’d definitely be incorporating these somewhere! But onto the desk-cessories … I love the art, pops of a blush-coral color and how feminine the whole look is. I’d probably change that chair up, but I like where their head’s at with vintage chair redo-meets modern desk. : )
The Everygirl is a fun blog I read from time to time.  I like how they’ve styled this desk with style and function. (AKA it looks like you actually do work here) I’m also loving their Anthro coffee mug repurposed as a pen holder … so cute!

If I actually had a room vs a corner I’d like to utilize some space for storage with shelves like these. I love their use of the wall space in between with an idea board … fit for many ideas, to-dos, and goals to pursue! The sea foam green, blues and turquoise adds a calming effect that I could definitely do some work in.

This picture is from one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Young House Love.  In their home office, they’ve taken old cabinets and turned them into storage for a desk! They cut and stained a large piece of wood for the desk top and voila a DIY home office is born! Love the chairs, love the styling, love their blog.

This message board is just an extra long cork board, with fabric and nail head trim! Another great example of functional style at its best.  Great for all your little notes, reminders, and photos of loved ones.  I’ll also take that ghost chair … thanks!

Now this, this here is a go big or go home splash of color and I love it! It’s so bright and cheery! It may be a bit too bright for some people’s taste or house decor, but I sure am inspired by their ‘no fear’ color choices.

What styles did you like, or just hate for that matter? : ) I’m hoping to finish my desk re-do for this Friday’s Drab to Fab post … keep y’all ‘posted’!

Lemons to Love,
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