Motivation Monday 7.9.13

Buckle your seat belts people, because you’re getting two for the price of one! That’s two Motivation Mondays for the small (motivating) price of one positive posting : )

I took a short blogging siesta while Geoff and I prepped our home for two very special house guests … my mom and dad! They flew on over to our neck of the woods from FL for a long 4th weekend. We got our party, talk, and quality time on, but more on that later this week!

Last week I was presented with an opportunity for work that was, well, outside my comfort area and norm.  I’ve been looking for a little extra work in addition to nannying, so I spread my work wings and flew on over to Microsoft headquarters for a temp job!  As I stood there waiting for my new badge, I overheard conversations consisting of virtual islands and thermal imaging. um, what?? Listen, I looove me a nerdy nerd, don’t get me wrong … but this was a person’s light n’ casual conversation! Meanwhile, I wanted to chat with the girl in front of me on whether she had seen the newest episode of The Bachelorette!  Instead, I embraced my new temporary world and thanked God for new things I get to experience.

This mindset inspired me with last week’s Motivation Monday’s quote :

Oh Walt : )

Which lead me to this week’s quote :

Author unknown.

Thanks to my curiosity of temp work, I was inspired for the long haul.

What sort of new doors have you opened lately?

Lemons to Love,
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