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If you’ve had the chance to read my ‘Inspire to DIY’ tab at the top of the Blog page, you’d start to understand my passion for creative design … especially with furniture fixer-uppers! I live for finding old discarded pieces and transforming them into something desired and loved.

This week, I’ll also be starting a ‘Drab to Fab’ segment on the diamonds in the rough-turned diamonds.  You can find me happily redefining any ol’ piece into something fresh, new, and appropriately accessorized!  Repurposing gives me purpose …. what about you?

 Now, let’s get crafty!

Here’s the ‘before’ shot of this poor unappreciated bookcase/entertainment center (circa 1980s?) Special shout out to my dad who helped me saw off the top, unused frame.  When I saw this unattractive and awkwardly large piece, I knew it had so much then what meets the eye…

Side note: To all you DIY-ers out there, this was in my earlier years of ‘Before and Afters’ so forgive me for not having visual steps as I go along.

We sawed off the top section to leave us with just the base.  Just by looking at it, you’d think it’s 5 sets of drawers … and then BAM! it opens up to so much more! Can we say, Hello Potential?? I immediately thought repurposed bar/wine rack.  I’d been wanting a piece in our house that could easily function as storage, bar ware, and esthetically pleasing to the eye. So, I set out to creatively design and transform!
I repurposed the brass brackets to keep the symmetry from top to bottom, plus, I just really love them! 
After finding the perfect shade of navy blue in a high gloss, I brushed on 3 coats and spray painted the hardware with Rust-Olems Metallic Gold.

I bought four wine racks and safely secured them to the top.  This provided me with more storage and gave it that real bar feel.  I also added a colorful pink and white chevron background to bring a little life and pizzaz when you reveal the inside! I’m still working on all my barccessories for the top while I collect little gems here and there for an ultimate pulled-together chic and entertaining look!

I hope you like it! Cheers!

Lemons to Love,

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One thought on “Before and After – Pure Entertainment!

  1. Whoa! I love this color. You did a fantastic re-furb, ma'am. Not only is this an inexpensive way to decorate – but also environmentally friendly! Please come to my home soon…. 🙂

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