Clean Eating: Paleo Pancakes

If you’re a frequent visitor of Pinterest like I am, you might’ve seen these pancake recipes floating around.  A healthier version of a Saturday morning ritual I had growing up? Yes, please!  I hardly ever eat them anymore, unless I’m lucky enough to be home while my mom is whipping up a batch.  Those two (or three, let’s be honest) deliciously circular cakes of carbs drizzled with yummy syrup on top can pack a palatable punch, but lack the nutritional needs to last you all morning, bummer.

So, with keeping the new tradition of clean eating … I give you the Paleo Pancakes! With just two ingredients, yes I said only two, and about 10 minutes of your time, you can enjoy a guilt-free treat on any morning of the week, or afternoon/evening for that matter!!

Yields: about 2 servings and only 250 calories for the entire batter


1 (ripened) banana
2 eggs


Just whip these together in a blender until soft … and voila! you’ve make your pancake batter! Spray your skillet with cooking spray, any will do.  Turn on burner over medium-low heat. I made little mini pancakes … the minis just seemed to have that special ‘come and eat me’ appeal to them.

Smile! Your about to eat clean!

Bon appétit !

Disclaimer: Be open minded … if you’re hoping for an exact replica of your favorite pancake recipe, without all the carb-loaded ingredients, you might be slightly underwhelmed. But for me, I thought they were the perfect substitute to a Saturday morning ritual! I was not dissapointed in the least with my new guilt-free clean eating recipe and will definitely be whipping up this easy recipe again!

Let me know what you think!

To clean eating and a healthier you…

Lemons to Love,

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2 thoughts on “Clean Eating: Paleo Pancakes

  1. My most fav breakfast “clean” recipe: Biscuits and Herbed Gravy

    Biscuits of choice
    2 tablespoons of butter
    1/2 cup flour
    2 cups milk
    large handful of basil, rosemary, parsley
    salt and pepper ~ to taste

    – make your rue
    – pour in milk
    – as milk heats, slowly whisk in flour
    – add herbs
    – heat on low for 10 minutes
    – pour gravy of biscuits

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